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Hanging On For Dear Life

  • Name: Gwen and Gypsy
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult

Gypsy and Gwen were shot when they wandered onto another person's property with livestock after their owner's son accidentally let them out.

The brindle one was shot in the chest and leg and started to bleed out. The white one was shot in the leg. Both dogs now desperately need immediate veterinary attention and fosters.

The known injuries are quite severe, but at this point in time, it is difficult to determine the extent of their trauma. However, it is clear that Gypsy, the white dog, has a very deep laceration that will require sedation and surgery. She arrived at the ER in a distressed and shocked state, so we are hoping she will be able to have her surgery by tomorrow. Based on how deep the wound is, it appears the shot either grazed her or was ricocheted. For now, it has been cleaned out and will need to be stitched up tomorrow, when she is more stable.

Of the pair, Gwen's condition is more concerning and urgent. When simply looking at her significant wounds, it is difficult to ignore that she is clearly in excruciating pain. It appears she was shot twice, and her sternum is broken from one of the shots. However, she was incredibly lucky because the angle she was shot at allowed her to survive. Unfortunately, she was left with an open wound greater than 8 inches in diameter. She has lost an incredible amount of blood and is in danger. In addition to her broken sternum, she has a shattered elbow, which may cause her to lose this limb. Her pictures above show the swelling and extensive damage. 

Gwen also needs surgery, but is in shock and unable to undergo an intensive procedure right now. She is very guarded and has moments of energy, but then returns to her exhausted and reserved state. We think her demeanor is due to her extreme loss of blood. We hope she stabilizes overnight so that she can receive her first surgery tomorrow.

Please consider supporting Gwen and Gypsy by donating to their campaign and/or purchasing items from their wishlist. All donations and purchases will aid in their recovery and make an impact. Thank you in advance for your help!


  • Face of an angel! Gwen is doing so well. She has good days and bad days but they are slowing becoming more good days. As you can see not even the kitty can disturb her slumber. She did very well over 4th of July with extra people and dogs in the house. She is such an amazing girl! She is very much a princess and thinks we are here to serve her. (I mean aren't we?) If she doesn't feel like going through the doggie door she will bark until we get up and go open the door for her

    July 10, 2018

  • Thank you so much for helping Gwen and Gypsy with their medical bills. Both girls are healing quickly and feeling so happy to be alive. The gifts that they have received so far have definetly brightened their days, and they are looking forward to all of he other gifts that are on the way.  All of the supporters are so PAWSOME! 

    June 25, 2018

  • Gwen is getting stronger every day and she is enjoying little outings outside. She has a long way to go, but she is thankful to be alive and she is so grateful for all of your help.

    June 21, 2018

  • It continues to be a slow, but POSITIVE road for sweet Gwen. She's getting her appetite back, gaining strength, and learning to walk again. She's been a model patient and she continues to inspire us and believe in all we do.

    Now, we need someone to believe in her and FOSTER her as she's ready to break out of the hospital. What you've seen from what we posted is who she is. Sweet. Laid back. Loving. She needs that from her foster home. She needs lots of rest, which she won't complain about, breakfast (and dinner) in bed, and escorted leash walks to go potty.

    We will obviously support you with everything you need. Food, bed, bowls, and all the encouragement and support you need. Help continue to get Gwen back to being Gwen... please offer to foster her.

    June 20, 2018

  • June 20, 2018

  • Gypsy continues to get stronger every day. 

    June 20, 2018

  • June 19, 2018

  • Gwen has made it through the night and continues to fight she is battling hard and will continue to fight. She has received another set of transfusions; albumin, plasma and red blood cells (PAC) she is fighting We are not willing to give in when she has come this far her bill is quickly approaching 10,000 and we need your help.

    She was failed once please do not let her fight go to waste. Gwen has a long road she is heart-worm positive and Ehrlichia positive

    Her will to live is strong please keep fighting for her please donate. I have asked for the receipt for her current charges to post and will as soon as we get it.

    June 12, 2018

  • QUICK UPDATE: Gwen made it through surgery, though it wasn't easy. We have a couple of our dogs on standby if she needs another transfusion. The next 24 hours are crucial for her, so keep the positive thoughts coming in hopes she can rebuild her blood supply. Thank you!


    She is in surgery now! We wish it could have waited, but it's now or never. Words from her doctor: "She has a lot of edema around the amputation site, probably due to having a very low albumin (1.7).

    We can give canine albumin, and then plasma, before surgery this evening using electrocautery to reduce bleeding.

    She has also gotten more anemic (down to 22%), and I am concerned about where this is going..."

    I am with her and won't leave her side until her surgery is over. Please, please keep her in your thoughts for me 

    June 11, 2018

  • Gwen update it is not good news we need prayers NOW!!! Here is the latest update; 

    She had low platelets yesterday and seems to have entered a hypercoagulable state. She has severe anemia (PCV is 15%) she is getting a plasma transfusion now and then they will do PAC cell transfusion. Please donate this is going to be expensive. 

    Gwen is still fighting hurdle after hurdle. I will be pretty short with the update her platelets have come but, the next hurdle is that she now may have a pyrometra that will require surgery. The problem is her platelets are so low and she is not clotting and the surgery can possible kill her but not doing nothing will kill her. We are moving forward with the surgery when they feel she will need it she deserves the chance. It is a no brainer she WILL die without it and she may die during surgery. Some may say throw in the towel, that is NOT and OPTION for us! Please pray she will need it .... 

    I am on my way to go spend some time with her. She needs to have something to fight for her life has been ROUGH

    I spent the afternoon with Gwen. I gave her a firm talking to, I told her not to give up and that she had to fight!!! I also told her she had to eat and she ate some chicken. I am not giving up Gwen and neither are you!!!!

    June 10, 2018

  • Gypsy did great she had her leg stitched up and she will recover tonight in the ER in Frisco. However, the surgery was longer than expected. She had a rough time, her temperature dropped and her platelets are low. This is worrisome because of her blood was not clotting and she is loosing a lot of blood. She is being watched very closely. She may require a blood transfusion. They are also watching her closely to get her temperature up. She is a fighter. 

    Please help us raise the funds for her ER stay.

    Note these are Gwen's X-Rays, I have attached them for those that questioned the validity of her wounds. Many said she was attacked by hogs. Hog attacks do not leave metallic foreign bodies (fragments of bullets) behind in a straight line. There is NO doubt that she was shot and the fragments are left from the bullet.

    Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

    June 09, 2018

  • Gwen and Gypsy are back at the vet for surgery today please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. They will eventually need fosters please consider helping these sweet babies.

    June 08, 2018

  • It's really hard to put down in words how significant these injuries are. So please bear with me as I know everyone is curious how they're are doing. I'll just tell you what I've witnessed.

    Gypsy, the white dog, has a very deep laceration that will require sedation and surgery. This will hopefully happen tomorrow as she arrived to the ER in a shocked state. It appears the shot either grazed her, or was a ricochet based on how deep the wound is. For now, it's been cleaned out and will need to be stitched up tomorrow, when she's more stable.

    Gwen is who we are very worried about. The wounds to her are significant and when I look at her, I almost can feel the pain she's in. She may have been shot twice, but it's difficult because we don't have any details. Her sternum is broken from the bullet, but that's probably what saved her life. We suspect she was shot at such an angle as the bullet entered and left near the same location causing an open wound greater than 8" in diameter! The amount of blood she lost is mind boggling.

    Either the same bullet, or another one shattered her elbow and she will lose her leg. Just look how swollen her leg is!!

    She needs surgery as well, but is in shock at the moment and her condition can be classified as guarded. She has moments of energy, but than loses it and just slumps down. We think it's due to the loss of blood, so we hope she stabilizes overnight so she can get her first surgery tomorrow.

    June 07, 2018