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Help Save Matilda's Leg

  • Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog
  • Name: Matilda
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Young

$100.00 raised of $3,000.00

Matilda was found and brought to Animal Control to be euthanized because she was in such horrible condition. 

 It was presumed that she was hit by a car because she was bleeding everywhere and her legs were totally swollen. When she was brought in and laid on the floor, she looked up at the volunteer as if to say, “please, somebody help me.” The vet was called in, and it was determined that she had the worst case of demodex that they had seen in years. Her skin was actually splitting open! Obviously, Animal Control does not have the time or space to treat this sweet girl, so APAWS was contacted by the volunteer begging for help for poor Matilda.  

APAWS immediately went to get her and bring her to our vet. We got her into a foster home and started a regimen of antibiotics, mediated bathes and good nutrition. After a week of good food, a warm bed, and a loving foster mom, her leg was still swollen, and she was starting to hold it up every now and then. The whole time, Matilda was wagging her tail, licking her foster mom and not complaining at all. The vet x-rayed the right front leg and found that her ulna bone was broken and had a large gap in the break. The demodex was preventing surgery on the leg, so more potent antibiotics and strict cage rest were prescribed. A week later, new x-rays were done, and the infection had gotten into the bone. Off to the orthopedic specialist we went. Since Matilda is a Catahoula, the Louisiana State Dog, and the sweetest girl ever, the orthopedic doctor decided to put a antibiotic tube in the bone of her leg and administer intravenous medicines rather than remove her leg. 

Did I tell you she is just over a year old? The pain that she has suffered in her short life is simply not fair. After four days of pumping medicine in her leg, most of the infection was cleared up and the vet went in and put three pins in to hold the leg together and a hard cast to keep it from shattering. Matilda will be in the hard cast for approximately 3 months with it having to be changed every two weeks.  

APAWS takes many special-needs and broken animals from shelters. We have had several dogs and cats which nobody else would help these last couple of months, and we are totally out of funds. Please help APAWS help Matilda save her leg. Donate to her medical funds directly or send her an item from her wishlist to keep her comfortable as she heals.