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Help Mimi Battle the Storm

  • Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
  • Name: Mimi
  • Color: Brindle
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult

$960.00 raised of $3,500.00

Mimi is a little pint sized pit bull who was surrendered to animal control after her owner was incarcerated.

Upon entering animal control, it was clear that Mimi was in tough shape and had not been taken care of by her person. She had horribly infected ears and was bleeding from her back end. She was also losing weight at the rate of 3 lbs in one week.

Mimi was soon diagnosed by the animal control as having an open pyometra, which is a severe infection of the uterus. A pyometra is a life threatening condition that must be quickly and aggressively addressed, or the infection will spread internally, and organs will begin dying. 

Forty-eight hours after being diagnosed with her pyometra, Mimi was lethargic, refusing to eat, and vomiting. Thankfully, she was now in rescue and could receive the much needed surgery to remove her infected uterus. Over the weekend, Mimi received emergency surgery at the U of M. Given the time period from diagnosis to surgery, Mimi's stomach cavity had already filled with fluid and sepsis had begun to set in.

Mimi made it through surgery, but she is still receiving supportive care. She is still too sick to leave the hospital, and she needs continuous monitoring. She has had her uterus removed, so now we all are crossing our fingers that her little body can recover from this life threatening infection.

Please help poor little Mimi by donating to her medical needs or by purchasing an item from her wishlist to make her as happy and comfortable as possible. Your donation will “Help Mimi to Battle the Storm.”


  • We're happy to update that Mimi has left the U of M Small Animal Hospital. She was discharged tonight after her glucose levels increased and she was stable enough to not need continuous monitoring. 

    During the course of her surgery, a 6.5 lbs pyometra was removed from Mimi. This represented approximately 17% of her body weight. 

    Additionally, a corn cob foreign body which had been ingested months earlier was also found and removed. 

    Mimi is home with her foster now. She was excited to leave the hospital and had lots of tail wags on the way out. However, she's very sore as her incision went from her arm pit all of the way to her groin. She'll be doing lots of cuddling and relaxing over the next days and weeks as her body continues to recover.

    Thanks to everyone who has donated! #HelpMimiBattletheStorm

    June 25, 2018