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To better serve our animal-loving community as we move into the future, we plan to expand our offering. And in the process, we thought a name change was in order is now

"Cuddly" is how we feel about animals and it's how animals make us feel. That being said, while there are many upcoming changes, our mission remains the same. We aim to help animals around the world live better lives through innovation, community, and kindness. Thank you for being a part of our movement and, now, the family.


This Young Paso Fino is Now in Our Care!

  • Breed: Paso Fino
  • Name: PEPE a young horse tied without food or water for days
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Young

$210.00 raised of $850.00

This tiny young frail Paso Fino mix was reported to Defensa as having no owner and no care.   The immediate family of the incarcerated owner requested Defensa take PEPE and another Mare we are still looking for.    People reported this horse as being tied on a short rope, with no grass, no water and in the street!    But now he is free in donated land with lots of grass!

PEPE is very tiny, likely due to being ridden too hard, too fast and too young.  We will give him time to put on some weight and we will be looking for a home that will give him what he needs to get big and strong!


  • PEPE doing well 

    Your donations and shares will help feed, care and home PEPE until he gets adopted. 

    August 15, 2018

  • Baths today 

    PEPE and ABULEO now living together 

    August 06, 2018

  • PEPE sponsor or adopt 

    Please share and donate for his rescue 

    July 30, 2018

  • Today with pepe

    July 29, 2018

  • Thanks to our Volunteers

    July 20, 2018

  • Your support makes these rescues possible.  Thank you 

    July 19, 2018


    Continue to get meds, feed and care.  

    July 18, 2018

  • PEPE and LUCHADOR getting some volunteer loving 

    July 15, 2018

  • Thanks to skilled volunteers & friends for today!  We are starting the process to socialize and build human trust + respect in our little rescued horses PEPE & LUCHADOR.

    When we arrived they wanted nothing to do with us...... But that changed with time, trust and patience! Thanks Lisa, Jeff, Jenn & JulieTom. PEPE is for adoption in Puerto Rico.  Because NO one wants a non social jerk of a horse so this work is critical to PEPE's future.   Your donations help to make all this possible.  Thank you!

    July 15, 2018

  • We are thrilled to report PEPE and LUCHADOR are now on sanctuary.  They still have a road to health to travel but they have each other and a path now!   Please continue to share and donate for the unwanted street horses of Puerto Rico like PEPE and LUCHADOR!

    July 07, 2018

  • pepe day 10 in our care

    July 05, 2018

  • Powdered PEPE 

    Medicine to hopefully help his skin.  He has medicine on his frogs too.  Your donations and shares make these rescues possible 

    July 05, 2018

  • Please donate and share.  Our rescued horses are in our care longer 

    There is no quick way to rescue horses. They require more time and training with us than our dogs and cats. Please keep us going with your financial donations and shares to friend 

    July 02, 2018

  • Your donations will feed him!

    June 29, 2018


    PEPE will be living on free/donated land until he can gain some weight and strength to be available for adoption.
    What he will mostly need is grain, salt block, alfalfa and water. But in addition we will schedule Dr. Ramos to make sure we aren't missing anything on his health and we will have Ariel float (file away the sharp edges) his teeth. We need your financial donations as much as we need your shares. It can be difficult finding a home for rescued horses! We can do this work only because of people like you who take action and work with us! Thank you all!

    June 28, 2018

  • PEPE day 2 :) Just eat and be a horse!

    Now it is just time, food, water and Vet check up.   We need your support to help this horse and more horses like him!    No donation is too small and every share can make the difference in reaching more people!

    June 27, 2018

  • Day 1 Photos

    June 26, 2018