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To better serve our animal-loving community as we move into the future, we plan to expand our offering. And in the process, we thought a name change was in order is now

"Cuddly" is how we feel about animals and it's how animals make us feel. That being said, while there are many upcoming changes, our mission remains the same. We aim to help animals around the world live better lives through innovation, community, and kindness. Thank you for being a part of our movement and, now, the family.


Tequila Needs a Shot at Love

  • Breed: Shih Tzu
  • Name: Tequila
  • Color: Salt & Pepper
  • Size: Extra Small
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult

$470.00 raised of $400.00

This is what neglect and cruelty look like and its all Tequila has known his whole life.

Tequila was discover by our friend Doris laying in the dirt starved and clearly uncared for.  Since the poor Tequila's owners obviously were not caring for him it didn't require much to get the them to give the sweet angel to her. Doris took Tequila to our vet yesterday and even he was shocked saying it was a miracle he was even alive. Tequila is very weak, weighs four pounds, is about 4-5 years old, has a terrible eye infection that has practically glued his eyes together, has a skin infection and has flea/tick disease. Surprisingly, he is not heartworm positive.

After of all of this suffering, our vet feels confident he can put Tequila back together again. They trimmed the hair back off of his eyes and Doris has given Tequila a bath and worked on getting the mats out of his fur. Despite his suffering, Tequila is eating and wagging his little tail.

To support Tequila and show him the love he has never known please donate to his care or purchase items from his wishlist to raise his spirits and give him hope as he heals.


  • Tequila is getting much better and his spirits are up! He loves playing with the others and his hair is starting to come back in. His skin looks so much better, too and Wanda has been giving him organic coconut oil rubs after his baths. His eyes have also improved and I'm sure he likes having them unglued and his hair cut back so he sees the world again. On the road to recovery little man!

    July 19, 2018