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Hope Needs Surgery To Save Her Life

  • Name: Hope R.I.P.
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Young

Hope started having horrible tremors and was unable to get up. 

When Hope started having these episodes, her rescue believed it was likely related to hydrocephalus and possibly CH. She appeared to being doing well since she was making strides in her walking skills. However, it was short lived because she was rushed to the emergency room the other day. Hope needed to spend the night to monitor her vitals and get an MRI. The neurologist suspected a broken blood vessel or encephalitis; both required Hope to receive a spinal tap.

When the tests came back, it was confirmed that Hope was suffering from an extreme case of hydrocephalus. It was made worse from a brain bleed from which she was already suffering. Hydrocephalus is a build up of CSF (spinal) fluid in the brain that does not drain properly. The vet suggested Hope have a shunt implanted, a surgical drain to help remove the build up of fluid to relieve pressure as soon as possible. This procedure will give her an 80% chance of a recovery.


  • Unfortunately, Hope passed away. She was not able to recover from her second bleed and the shunt did not have enough time to flush the fluid out. Thank you to everyone who helped us try to save her. May her sweet little soul Rest in Peace now. 

    July 10, 2018

  • Hope has been doing very well, last night not only was she sitting up but she was trying to stand on all four feet. Unfortunately, this morning she woke up and couldn't stand up. I was hoping if I could get her medicine in her she would start feeling better but she would not let me give them to her.

    Hope is back at the hospital to check on her shunt to make sure it is working and she has not developed any infections.

    July 09, 2018

  • Hope is doing as well as expected. She is sitting up all by herself and is expected to slowly regain more motor skills. She is also interested in toys for the first time!

    She will be on crate rest for the next 3 weeks, and we will be doing some leg therapy with her as well. She will be seeing a neurologist at the end of the month.

    Her life expectancy will depend on if she has any issues with the shunt (possible clog or infections) but everything to give her the best possible chance has been done. Now we just keep a close eye on her, say our prayers and continue to give her HOPE.  We can tell that she is feeling better- she wagged her tail and gave me kisses when she saw me today.

    July 02, 2018

  • Hope was able to undergo surgery for the shunt. She will remain in the hospital for a few days to be monitored. This sweet girl needs all the prayers and well wishes she can get. It will be a long road for Hope, but she is a fighter. Please consider donating to Hope's fundraiser to help pay her growing medical bills or purchasing her an item from her wishlist to keep her cozy and comfortable during this time and beyond.

    This evening they will start to decrease her IV medicine to change her over to oral medicine by tomorrow. As of right now she is scheduled to go home Monday afternoon.

    June 29, 2018

  • Hydrocephalus is a build up of CSF ( spinal) fluid in the brain that doesn't properly drain. A shunt is a surgically placed drain to help remove the build up of fluid and in turn relieve the pressure that it causes.  Hope is in Surgery Right now, and she needs all of the prayers and well wishes she can get. 

    June 28, 2018

  • The Neurologist just called. He confirmed severe hydrocephalus and the reason she got worse was due to a brain bleed. They found blood and inflammation cells in the spinal tap.

    He suggested a shunt to be placed as soon as possible, giving her a 80% chance of recovery with the shunt. He said they could do it by end of the week. 

    June 27, 2018