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Izzy needs specialist care ASAP!!

  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair
  • Name: Izzy
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult

$0.00 raised of $4,500.00

Izzy was a super affectionate friendly kitty at the kill shelter she was in. Her foster was rescuing another cat in need when staff begged her to take in a couple more off the urgent list. She saw Izzy and her friendly spirit and took her too. Izzy seemed to be doing okay but stopped showing interest in food. Coming from the shelter which is a stressful place and having to adjust to a new but temporary home can add more stress. Izzy was given lots of attention and encouraged to eat but still no interest. Her foster immediately took her to the vet knowing how quickly cats decline without food and water. After being hospitalized and being diagnosed with pancreatitis she still wasn't eating but instead getting worse. It was suggested by her other vet to take her to see a specialist as she lost a lot of weight. Izzy came to a specialty ER clinic and her bloodwork continued to show critical results. Right now she is getting hydrated on fluids in hopes to balance her electrolytes so she can have a GI (gastrointestinal) tube placed to ensure proper nutrition is getting in her system. Due to such an imbalance with her electrolytes she will most likely need a blood transfusion as well. The goal is for her not only to have a GI tube but to see an internist tomorrow so they can do more testing and figure out what else is going on to cause her such discomfort and rapid decline in health. The specialty clinic cannot bill us and requires us to pay $4,031.73 which doesn't include treatment if we do figure out what is hurting poor Izzy. That is where we need your help. Being a small rescue we do not have $4,000 let alone a few to pay her bills to continue care. We have always worked hard to ensure we do whatever it takes to make our foster animals get the medical attention they deserve. In this case we do not have time to try and fund raise the money to pay off the bill but we won't quit. We will try and do whatever we can with in a short period of time to ensure she gets this medical care. Her prognosis is not poor but will be if she does not get specialty care. Please find it in your heart to donate to Izzy's care. A lot of people unfortunately won't donate to cat medical bills but we believe they are just as important as dogs. Please help us help Izzy.