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Hope for Gracee

  • Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Name: Gracee
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult

$840.00 raised of $1,200.00

 Gracee was lying out in the hot, almost 100 degree weather with no shade, completely unable to move her back legs. 

She was unable to stand on her own and looked as if she was very close to death.

 Gracee and her horrible condition was brought to our attention by a Good Samaritan. Her rescuer had previously explained that a friend of a friend had seen a dog in her neighborhood that was abused and injured badly. It was said that she was hit so much and so hard that she had open wounds on her body. We told her to get the dog along with a surrender form from the owner.  

When the friend went to get Gracee, she was laying in a yard two houses down from where she was reported to live. Once we saw her condition, we immediately rushed her to our Vet Parkway Animal Hospital. Even while in unbearable pain, she wagged her tail for us.

The staff at Parkway Animal Hospital assessed her outer injuries. Gracee had an open wound on her right leg at the knee, multiple abrasions on her legs, and her abdomen was red and raw. Gracee had maggots crawling on her leg above the open wound, inner thigh, and hind end under her tail. The vet staff began to clean her wounds and pull the maggots off of Gracee. Gracee allowed them to clean the wound and never tried to bite or growl. The staff checked Gracee's reflexes because we thought that she may not have feeling in her back legs. The staff then squeezed Gracee's toes with hemostats, and she flinched. That was the first indication she could feel her legs. We were overjoyed and filled with hope that Gracee would be able to walk again.

After seeing the damage, we, along with the rest of the vets and staff, felt that Gracee had been hit by a car several days earlier. When her rescuer went back to the home where Gracee was alleged to have lived, the owner stated that the dog was beaten by a neighbor because she went into his yard to play with his dog.  

X-rays determined Gracee has a complete break in her left leg right above the knee. Gracee was started on antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, and pain medication. She was given time to recover and to let the swelling come down. Eventually, Gracee began to get up and hobble very short distances. 

Gracee has been through so much in her short 1 to 2 year life; we would give anything to be able to fix Gracee's leg so she can have the happily ever after she deserves. It is beyond us, how this girl could endure so much, and still be so loving and happy to see people. Gracee, even though she is in so much pain, wags her tail every time you talk to her, love on her, or pet her. This girl is one truly amazing dog and is going to make someone the perfect FURever family member.

To support this sweet angel please donate to her care or purchase items from her wishlist to raise her spirits as she heals.


  • Gracee is beginning to use her back legs a little more. She walks better distances now even though she still falls and wobbles. Her "good" leg is gaining more muscle and strength. 

    Gracee is still at our vet as she gains strength to prepare for surgery on her knee to hopefully repair the broken bone.

    Gracee wants to thank you for your support.

    July 09, 2018