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Dumped at Shelter Needing a Leg Amputation

  • Breed: Cattle Dog
  • Name: Rusty
  • Color: Red
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult

$818.00 raised of $2,100.00

Rusty will soon lose his leg because of his previous owner's failure to properly care for him.

While Rusty has been in our care, we have noticed that he favors one of his back legs. We made an appointment to take him to our vet to see what was wrong. Upon entering the exam room, our vet recognized Rusty right away. After doing an exam, he clearly remembered this dog. About a month ago, someone brought Rusty in, had him examined, and was told he would need surgery. However, soon after, Rusty ended up in the shelter. We are not sure who left him there, but if we had known that he needed surgery when we first got him, we could have saved him from weeks of excruciating pain.

It turns out that Rusty was probably hit by a car about a year ago, and his pelvis was shattered. No one took care of him, and it healed incorrectly. One of his back legs is not even in his hip socket and will have to be amputated. It is impossible to imagine the pain that he must have been in after being hit by a car and not being properly taken care of for an entire year. He tries as hard as he possibly can to not bear any weight on his leg. However, he still runs around like crazy and does not let the pain stop him from enjoying life. He does not hate the world, and he only sees the best in it. He greets everyone at the gate with a bark and a kiss.

As upset as we are that someone dumped him at the shelter, it is even more infuriating that they did not tell the staff that he needed surgery. We could have reached out immediately to get him the care that he needed instead of making him wait even longer in pain. Every animal deserves love and care, and Rusty was unable to get that. 

If you are able to, we would greatly appreciate any help that you could give to cover Rusty's medical bill. It was $1,100 to amputate his leg. Any and everything helps. Thank you for caring for Rusty❤️


  • Rusty ended up having a FHO (femoral head ostectomy) instead of an amputation. Rusty's pelvis is a mess from the car accident. The femoral head was out of its socket on the right side. The femoral head on the left side was still in its socket but the pelvis bone around the left side was broken (and healed) in three places which makes the bone questionable regarding stability. During the pre-surgical consultation with Doc Bott this morning, we decided it would be better to try the FHO on the right side instead of amputation. We were afraid that too much stress on the bone around the one left leg would be too much.

    July 06, 2018