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Life-saving operations for 2 dogs

  • Name: Dao and Dam
  • Sex: Female

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A couple in Sri Sa Ket who helps the local dog population was shocked to find the horrible conditions of two particular female dogs living on the streets. 

Although Sri Sa Ket is on the other side of Thailand and our rescue cannot personally go there to help at this time, we have arranged to support this local couple who is desperate to help the dog population around their home. Mr. Somsak and Ms. Thanawadee feed and care for these dogs, but they are unable to pay for the complicated procedures and surgeries these dogs need.

The dogs were soon taken to the vet, where it was immediately decided that the first dog needed surgery right away. After surgery, the vets found that she had endured a failed pregnancy but was still living with the dead puppies inside of her womb. She had to have an immediate operation to save her life and remove the dead puppies. Luckily, the surgery went well and she is now resting at home. 

The second dog had an infected, inflamed, oozing uterus that also required immediate surgery.

Along with these two dogs who were in dangerous positions, a third dog was found. She already has 3 month old puppies and needed to be taken in for spaying. However, helping her is proving to be quite difficult because she bites and is aggressive.

The cost for 2 dogs, weighing approximately 16-18kg each, to be spayed and vaccinated against rabies at this local Sri Sa Ket clinic is usually 3,160 THB, but the additional surgery brings the total to 8,660 THB. This total will now jump even higher because the third dog needs to be spayed as well. 

We need your generosity and support to help pay for the costs of these life-saving operations and help other locals around Thailand, so we can make a bigger difference and better the lives of thousands. Join us and help us help them. Let's fight to ensure a healthy, spayed population of stray dogs in Thailand.

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