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To better serve our animal-loving community as we move into the future, we plan to expand our offering. And in the process, we thought a name change was in order is now

"Cuddly" is how we feel about animals and it's how animals make us feel. That being said, while there are many upcoming changes, our mission remains the same. We aim to help animals around the world live better lives through innovation, community, and kindness. Thank you for being a part of our movement and, now, the family.


Medical Care due to being dumped

  • Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
  • Name: Ruby Jean
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Senior

$200.00 raised of $500.00

Ruby Jean was found as a stray, and we were contacted to help. 

The poor girl was covered in so many fleas that they had eaten away all of the fur on her back. She is skin and bones and looks much older than the 9 years of age the vet has told us she is. Ruby Jean will have a slow recovery but we are willing to support her throughout the entire journey. You can see in her eyes that she has hope, and we are here to show her the love she deserves. 

Right now, she is in a lot of pain and has a lot of different medical issues that need to be dealt with. We are working on clearing up her skin infection, fixing her floating patellas (back kneecaps), removing her small mammary tumor, dealing with severe dental disease, as well as treating possible urinary issues. She is sweet as pie and so good with people, and all she wants is a soft bed to lay on.

We are a No Kill rescue that is 100% volunteer and foster based. We appreciate your time in reading Ruby Jean's story. Please consider sending her an item from her wishlist or helping with some of the costs of her continued medical expenses. Thank you or your support!


  • Update on Ruby Jean. This girl is a fighter. She's settled in at her foster home and is nothing by a lover. She wags her tail and her is just as happy as can be now that she knows she is safe. You can see her hair finally growing in after some TLC. Her story isn't over, it's just getting started. Thank you for your kind and generous donations. She and us are forever grateful.

    July 20, 2018