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To better serve our animal-loving community as we move into the future, we plan to expand our offering. And in the process, we thought a name change was in order is now

"Cuddly" is how we feel about animals and it's how animals make us feel. That being said, while there are many upcoming changes, our mission remains the same. We aim to help animals around the world live better lives through innovation, community, and kindness. Thank you for being a part of our movement and, now, the family.


Scared boy on the verge of shutting down

  • Breed: Mastiff
  • Name: Theo
  • Color: Brindle
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Young

$770.00 raised of $800.00

This poor boy was sitting at the shelter extremely scared and closing down.

We came across Theo (previously known as Creed) laying in the corner of his shelter kennel extremely terrified and on the verge of shutting down completely. He was so nervous and would not let any of the shelter staff come near him until a few days ago. They were able to find his microchip and call his owners but they never came for him. 

We took one look at him and knew we had to save him. We do not blame him for his behavior, as he is very scared and in a new and unfamiliar place. He is now safe with Big Paw and will be going in to get neutered and then training afterwards. This boy has so much potential and we want to get him the best care possible. 

Please consider donating to his fundraiser or sending him a gift to make this transition as easy and comfortable as possible for him!


  • Theo loves kids! Actually, adores them! He is still very hand shy of new people and we are conditioning him to different situations. But he is now fully house trained and is learning about toys.

    August 09, 2018

  • This handsome boy is doing so well thanks to his foster and the donations recieved. 

    We have used a lot of calming treats and oils. He has come out of his shell with the help of all the donations. 

    We can't say thank you enough. 

    Now that he is allowing handling and touching, we have discovered an ear infection which we are treating. 

    We hope he gets better soon. 

    July 28, 2018

  • Theo is progressing! We are so proud of this amazing boy. He has allowed his foster to put a vollar on him and recieve pets and love!

    July 21, 2018