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Found stuck in barbed wire fence for several days

  • Name: Molly
  • Color: White
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult

Molly was found on the side of the road in shock after getting tangled in barbed wire. Connect A Pet New England rushed her to the ER for immediate evaluation. Their first step was to make sure Molly was properly hydrated and stable. They started her on IV fluids, strong IV antibiotics, and heavy doses of pain meds. The vet did X-rays and there are a couple of spots on her spine where you can tell she was twisting and flipping, trying to get loose from the wire. Based on her extensive dehydration, the doctor said she was probably stuck for days. Unfortunately, there is no saving her tail and it will have to be amputated. Due to her state, Molly will need to regain her strength before she can undergo surgery.

Based on her dehydration level, it is believed she ran off in fear around or on July 4th, perhaps because of the fireworks. Since her mouth was cut up, vets also believe she had managed to break the rusty barbed wire by chewing it. On top of everything else, this poor girl has also been diagnosed with heartworm and will need to be medicated for several weeks.

Molly has fought hard and now we are fighting for her. Please considering supporting Molly by donating to her medical fund or donating an item off her Wishlist.


  • Molly went to the vet the other day. She was started on medication for her Heartworms. The vet thinks the lack of weight gain is all Heartworm related. The vet will do the injections for Heartworms a week after starting medication so we will be doing those soon. Need lots of prayers! Although she always seems to look sad, she is starting to walk more around our home. She struggles with her back legs and if there is anything on the ground, even a toy she will trip over it and fall but overall walking good once up. Please continue supporting sweet Molly!

    August 09, 2018

  • Molly continues to improve. She is very slow with weight gain but is gaining  strength. Thank you all so much!

    July 31, 2018