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Heart-Worm Treatment

  • Breed: Maltese
  • Name: Destiny
  • Color: White
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Young

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Meet Miss Destiny. She came to us from a puppy mill shut down in Arkansas. She had just given birth to nine puppies and was heartworm positive. 

We took her in with open arms and immediately got her to the vet. This was when we found out that she tested positive for heartworms. However, since she was still nursing, we could not start the heartworm treatment yet. 

Soon after Destiny was taken from the puppy mill, her pups started to show signs of a cold. We got them into the vet and their health started declining rapidly. One after the other started to pass away. We sent in for necropsy to find out what they were fighting. We soon learned they had been exposed to distemper. At that point, we knew there was nothing else we could do. Their poor little bodies were too frail to fight off that horrible virus. We ended up losing 8 out of Destiny's 9 puppies. We were devastated. 

Destiny and her only remaining pup Nikki were still not out of the woods. We needed to ensure Nikki was going to remain healthy, and Destiny needed to finally start her expensive heartworm treatment. 

We are now glad to report that Nikki was adopted into a wonderful family that sends us frequent updates. According to them, she rules their house. Destiny is finally learning how to be a dog for the first time in her life. She was used to being confined to a filthy kennel in horrible surroundings and was extremely scared of people. Now, she is a new dog. She loves car rides, playing with her foster siblings and spending time with her foster family. She still has a few more treatments to go before she can be adopted into a forever family.

Destiny's story teaches us many valuable lessons about dogs. Puppy Mills are far too real and prevalent in our society and need to be stopped. Vaccinations are so important because so many viruses are airborne and can reach your dog even if you take precautions. Please spay/neuter and vaccinate your pets. 

Please help Destiny recover and become healthy so she can move past this painful and traumatic part of her life. You can donate directly or send her an item from her wishlist to keep her happy and comfortable as she heals. No donation is too small. Destiny will be available soon, so keep an eye out for her. Thanks again for reading her story.