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Medical Care for Heidi

  • Breed: Chow mix
  • Name: Heidi
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Senior

$1,720.00 raised of $2,000.00

Please don't forget about me. Senior dogs deserve better than how I was treated!

We're tired of being chained up by our necks for hours on end, hit for doing something we didn't know was wrong, and starved because we weren't given daily meals because were told we don't deserve it.

Yeah... I may be older and a little grey, but I have feelings just like you, and I need my story to be heard.

My name is Heidi. I am a beautiful 10-year-old Chow mixed gal. I've had a rough life living outside in very poor conditions.

I must have had an owner during my younger years who loved, and cherished me when I was young, and made me their number one priority. Unfortunately, many of us end up at shelters and are discarded because we are no longer that cute adorable puppy, and all the hype has faded away.

I guess the excitement of owning a puppy goes away after I grew older, and as I got bigger I became less important and not a priority. It is believed in my adult years I must of been used over and over again for breeding.

The staff cries when they look at me as it is clear I was over bred by the looks of my tummy and they can see the sadness in my eyes. I have multiple scars on my ears from frostbite from the past freezing winter here in Michigan. I was clearly living outside in below zero weather, and have become scarred inside and out but I still have so much love to give.

As you can see I have a large mass hanging from my under belly that needs to be removed. It causes me so much pain. It's hard to tell the staff how I feel but they can sense I am in excruciating pain. I look at them with my sad brown eyes and they promised me they will get me in the vet as soon as they get enough donations for my medical care.

Everyone who works at Almost Home was heartbroken to see the condition I came in. It tore them to pieces to see a senior dog discarded at a vet. The right side of my face is all scarred up, and my back legs, I have a huge fluid sack on the side of my body which is painful and I need to get into the vet right away. Can you please help me out?

Tears rolled down my cheeks, when a nice person found me and brought me to a local vet she was scared I wouldn't make it. The veterinarian stated I had very bad periodontal disease, and It was suspected I was hit by a car, however no trauma was noted.

I am so tired but relieved to be in a cool comfy place with good food water and love. No more suffering for me, and I can now rest my head at night knowing my nightmare is over. I am so glad to be at Almost Home where I know I'll get the proper care and love I need.

Lately, Almost Home has been receiving many injured and sick animals that require much needed medical care, and with Heidi she will need x-rays, blood work, a dental and possible surgery, etc.


  • Hey there! I'm Heidi! I am a sweet mixed breed dog. I think I might be part chow chow, part shar-pei, maybe some cattle dog or shepherd? One thing is for sure, I'm purebred sweet! I am a about 50 lbs so I'm not too big and not too small! I was found as a stray on the streets of Detroit. I had been brought into a vet by a good Samaritan after being hit by a car. After receiving some treatment, a nice police officer brought me to Almost Home Animal Rescue where I have been quietly recovering. I was a bit scared and confused when I arrived but have since realized how great these people are and enjoy a good cuddle session! Do you have room in your home for me? I'd much prefer a comfortable home with a yard to roam around in! Can't wait to hear from you, future family!

    August 13, 2018