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Baby Girl With Neurological Issues

  • Breed: Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever
  • Name: Rose
  • Color: Tan
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Baby

$20.00 raised of $300.00

Little 9 week old Rose was sitting at the shelter with a very unique problem.

She has some sort of slight neurological issue that causes her to walk a little wobbly and sometimes fall. However, it does not affect her ability to be a normal puppy at all! She loves to play with chew toys, cuddle with people, sleep, run around, and eat lots of yummy treats. In just a few days with our rescue, she has been able to walk/run/stand a lot better thanks to acuscope therapy. She does not require any special care of medication, but she does wear a life jacket while swimming.

This special girl is currently in therapy and growing stronger every day. She is available for adoption and is currently waiting for that special family to come swoop her up. If you'd like to support Rose, consider donating to her fundraiser or sending her a wishlist gift.


  • Rose just completed her last session of Acuscope therapy! 

    Her therapist said “She is doing amazing! No more falling! The only thing she still does is a very mild head tremor. But it's so mild most wouldn't even notice. She is so happy and getting so big. Runs and is even swimming! She does good in the pool too. I am so happy with her progress!“

    August 03, 2018