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Paul MDAS #A1969727- Left Forelimb Amputation

  • Breed: German Shepherd Dog
  • Name: Paul
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Large
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Young

$100.00 raised of $3,500.00

Paul was found as a stray with a severely injured left forelimb that he refuses to put weight on. 

paul was pulled from Miami-Dade Animal Services after presenting there as a stray. Big Cypress German Shepherd Rescue was able to step in and pull Paul for further evaluation and care. Once our vet examined him, it turned out Paul also had a severe upper respiratory infection, severely infected ears, and some old injuries that may have been bites from another dog. His ears have been flushed and cleaned, and he is receiving medication for his respiratory infection. Paul was evaluated on 8/9/18 by the orthopedic specialist to best determine our next step, but it is likely that it will involve extensive surgical intervention, strict crate rest and physical rehabilitation. Paul has a long road ahead of him to live a pain free life. 

Paul is a happy puppy who just wants to play but cannot because of his leg. He appears to adore children especially. He wants to cuddle and be loved, and he is a good boy at the vet, even through his painful ear flushing. Paul has been examined fully by a board certified orthopedic surgeon. Radiographs showed a severe angular limb deformity in the left forelimb, as well as a subluxation of the elbow joint. We suspect that a traumatic injury damaged his growth plates, causing the ulna to stop growing while the radius continued to grow. This pulled his entire forelimb laterally, which may be the reason for the subluxation elbow joint. Due to the severity of the deformity, the surgeon recommended amputation as the best solution for Paul.

We did make sure to ask about full surgical repair. The surgeon explained that the extensive repair would involve both an osteotomy and ostectomy, internal and possibly external hardware, and a very long recovery period of 12-16 weeks. This repair is extremely painful, and if external fixation was necessary, Paul would have to have a second surgery to repair it. The surgeon also noted that the repair may break down and may not work at all. 

Big Cypress German Shepherd Rescue has decided to move forward with amputation of Paul’s left forelimb. We need your help to raise funds to be able to provide him the best possible outcome. We intend to help Paul to recover fully from this trauma and subsequent removal of his limb so he can go back to being a carefree puppy. Please consider donating to Paul's medical funds or sending him an item from his wishlist to make him happy and comfortable as he recovers.