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12 year Old Pappa Bear left in kill shelter

$715.00 raised of $2,000.00

We will never quite understand how anyone can leave their beloved aging , declining family member in a kill shelter . But here we are again. 


Somewhere between my years of being a cute puppy , to now , when I am ailing and possibly failing -/// you stopped caring.... 

 . I can speculate all day long on how he ended up as a stray in the streets with severe muscle atrophy, arthritis, possible DM. Maybe he escaped .? Maybe he was put out.? Maybe he was given away , and “they” put him out.? Regardless of the reason - we know this .... with all certainty - 

NOONE CAME FOR YOU. NOONE CLAIMED YOU BEAUTIFUL BOY ,  and I am sorry for that pain and loss in your life . But this is a new day . And from here forward , you will know nothing but kindness and caring hands that will embrace you and stay by your side ... 

Don't worry Pappa Bear - I promise you, not all humans bail when the going gets tough. 

I saved your senior today..... he deserved better than to be disgarded when he needed you the most . Shameful us what you are .... 

This is a sad world - 

Please help us to support this sweet senior . 



Pappa is in need of x rays, bloodwork , as he is very atrophied and arthritic. 

Ty for helping us to assist another senior in need of love and care.... 

Team TLM 


  • Pappa Bear is doing better this am - he went for a short walk :) and drank some water. We are hopeful and see this as amazing progress. 

    Ty for supporting our very sweet grandpa ! 

    August 19, 2018

  • Pappa bears supplements have all been ordered ! He’s had a nice medicated bath ;) 

    please consider supporting our sweet senior gentleman 


    August 15, 2018

  • Pappa bears supplements have all been ordered ! He's had a nice medicated bath ;) 

    please consider supporting our sweet senior gentleman 


    August 15, 2018

  • Pappa Bear update:

    He is being given painkillers for neuter :/ chest x rays show some enlargement of heart which would indicate heartworm positive - awaiting those results - :/ would not be surprising ..... 

    The good news is does not seem to be DM but rather spondilolisthesis . 

    He does have some Cataracts , conjunctivitis , arthritis , some pretty bad skin issues which doctor believes have gone untreated for quite sometime. He is thin. :/

    Considering the neglect he has faced , he is doing pretty darn good! 

    He has an amazing disposition ;) he seems grateful for the help! 

    We will treat his spine issues and make him so much more comfortable than he has been for a very long time . 

    Ty Christy Cobbum Downey and Susan Ryan for jumping into action to get him out of the shelter today! 

    so grateful for your help ! 

    Better days ..... Pappa Bear ..... 

    Foster anyone ????? 

    August 07, 2018