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Dogs Rescued From Hoarding Case Need Help

We need your help with 17 dogs we just rescued from a hoarding situation.

The Ranch Rescue Team recently heard about a large group of dogs living on a property. The owners were trying to do their best to care for them, but soon realized it was just too much. Unfortunately, two of the dogs got loose and were killed by cars on a busy street. After this incident, the owners reached out to The Ranch Rescue Team to assist with the situation.

Three of the puppies, only four months old, were transported to their vet so they could get fixed and ready for another rescue for take in. The Ranch Rescue Team has agreed to take in seven of the dogs, but they will need to be vetted, fixed, and chipped. Five of the dogs have severe behavioral issues, so the owners will be keeping them but the rescue will be helping them with the spay/neuter costs and also give them flea treatments, treat the yard for fleas/ticks, and secure the fence to prevent any more dogs getting out.

Unfortunately, one of the pups is not looking so good. He is happy in spirit, loves to play, and will eat normally; however, he is losing weight rapidly. He was infested with fleas and ticks so they took him to the vet the other morning. They removed as many ticks as they could, gave him a bath, and then put flea control on. He has a high white cell blood count and bloody diarrhea. He's most likely stressed, has some sort of parasite, and an infection. Thankfully, he tested negative for Parvo. The tiny pup is now on antibiotics and anti-diarrhea medication. They hope he will continue to improve over the next few days.

Ranch Rescue has been hit hard lately with emergency rescues and medical treatments. Their funds are so low that they had to use personal credit cards to cover the costs to help these pups. Please consider supporting this cause to help these pups recover by purchasing items from their wishlist and/or donating to their medical care. All support is helpful.