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To better serve our animal-loving community as we move into the future, we plan to expand our offering. And in the process, we thought a name change was in order is now

"Cuddly" is how we feel about animals and it's how animals make us feel. That being said, while there are many upcoming changes, our mission remains the same. We aim to help animals around the world live better lives through innovation, community, and kindness. Thank you for being a part of our movement and, now, the family.


Rehab and Pain Relief

  • Breed: Frenchie Mix
  • Name: MEATY
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult

We received an urgent plea to help save Meaty who came into the shelter in heart-breaking condition. 

A careless owner dumped Meaty, paralyzed, at the shelter. Second Chance Rescue NYC received an urgent plea to save Meaty. The surgery that Meaty would need was time-sensitive, and they had to beat the clock should he have any chance of recovering.

Without hesitation, a current foster got in her car and drove to save Meaty four hours away in order to rush him to the vet. 

Once Meaty and his foster arrived at the emergency vet at 3 am, the x-rays he received were inconclusive. TAn MRI, CT-scan, and dye tests reveal that Meaty has a chronic compressed/herniated L1-L2 disc. However, his tail can still wag, he can eliminate on his own, and he has very limited, deep pain sensation in his rear legs. Therefore, he is not a candidate for surgery. However, Second Chance does not want to immediately put him in a wheelchair. They are waiting for a call back from their rehab partners at Water4Dogs NYC to see if they will accept Meaty into their therapy program. If accepted, Meaty would be transported ASAP. Second Chance Rescue hopes to have the same success with Meaty that they did with Bug and Bartholomew (now success stories), but only time will tell. The pain of the past will not stop Meaty. In fact, as of today, a star is born; his name is Meaty Starz. Welcome to Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs Meaty Starz-- you matter! Please donate to help Meaty with the intensive rehab sponsorship program he so desperately needs. You can also purchases gifts from his wishlist to support his recovery.


  • Paralyzed Frenchie dumped at the shelter

    Meaty arrived in NYC on transport and is now at Water4Dogs Rehabilitation Center 

    From our volunteer: I had dropped off the things that were purchased off of Meaty Starz  wishlist and spoke to the caring staff at Water4Dogs for a few minutes until Meaty Starz had arrived. I met him, touched him and kissed his forehead.... he was so sad. He was a shell of a dog and I could feel his sadness in my heart. He felt sorrow, betrayal, and confusion. He once had a family, a family that I would BET THE FARM that he was a good boy for, they left him..dumped at a kill shelter when he needed them the most. I left Meaty and I got into the elevator and tears came down my face, I was so sad for him and what might become of his future, it stuck with me. I went and bought a vegan pie at a shop near the facility and continued to cry while I ate my pie.

    Then...hours later I got sent his videos from the very same Rehab I left him. Dr. Block did his evaluation and immediately had the staff start working with Meaty. See for yourself, MEATY STARZ IS CRUSHING HIS REHAB! His sorrow left the building with me. Meaty's confidence has shot through the roof within HOURS of working hard, almost like he's saying "I GOT THIS! THESE ARE MY LEGS AND I AM REMEMBERING HOW TO USE THEM!!" GO MEATY! GO!!! 

    August 13, 2018