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Help Us Remove the Pain From This Horse's Life

  • Breed: Paso Fino
  • Name: ADIZA a Horse with Horrifically Infected Feet
  • Color: Brown
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult

$272.00 raised of $3,200.00

 We need your help to show ADIZA that not all humans will fail her.    

This beautiful Paso Fino Mare is ADIZA and she has obviously had this horrific unhealthy hoof condition for a long time.  Something like this does not happen overnight.     ADIZA has clearly been failed by person after person because we know she has been passed around prior to landing with us.   We need your help to show ADIZA that not all humans will fail her.    We are committed to making her hoofs healthy and pain free with professional farrier services, vet services, medicines, diet and proper living conditions.   It will take some time because you can not simply cut or trim this away in one attempt.  It must be slowly adjusted and corrected as to not cause ADIZA more discomfort or lameness (short term or long term).

Horse hoofs that look like ADIZA's are NOT something most horse owners will ever see.   But ANY responsible horse owner can tell you these horse hoofs have something seriously WRONG with them and require professional help.     

ADIZA has now been trailer-ed to VALENTINA'S stall at Pintos R Us (Defensa's partners in horse rescue in Puerto Rico).

ADIZA is now under the care of a professional and seasoned farrier who fortunately has seen this situation just once before in his 30-some years working with horses.     What you see protruding is her FROG!   Our farrier believes this is likely due to poor hoof care and improper horseshoeing.   Possibly too small of shoes and/or overgrown bars - than an infection and/or fungus started in the frogs and you have this painful mess.   

We know ADIZA is in pain when her frogs are touched.  We know her frogs bleed very superficially.  Not normal for a frog.   The frog is meant to give support, cushion and blood flow to a horse.  ADIZA is getting none of that in her current state. 

The plan is to little by little correct/make healthy the frog and than shorten her feet.   If you know horse hoofs you know ADIZA has too long of hoofs also.  Possibly an effort by people to keep riding her without having her frog touch the ground which would make her limp.    It is a very very sad situation this mare has gone through but we are confident with your donations and shares we can help ADIZA become pain free and obtain healthy hoofs.   There is a reason for the saying "No hoof No horse".    Help us not get to that point with ADIZA!

ADIZA's goal is set calculating we will be caring for her for 6 months ; being our farrier said it took a year for the other horse to heal and ADIZA is not as bad in his opinion.  Should she heal faster we will lower her goal.    Thank you all!

"Nothing We Do Is For Profit / Everything We Do Is For The Love of the Animals of Puerto Rico" -


  • Treatment will take time so your support is greatly appreciated 

    We are hopeful this beauty will be ok. 

    Dr Andres visit this week.  He will be out weekly if we can afford it.  No donation is too small and every share makes a difference for ADIZA 

    August 17, 2018


    He believes ADIZA has severe hoof rot (aka thrush) which would be a good thing actually. Thrush is treatable. We need your donations and shares please. She has a long road ahead of her but there is hope with this diagnosis!

    August 15, 2018

  • adiza is getting multiple daily visits - No donation is too small to help adiza

    As for ADIZA, she is getting daily love from our young volunteers who are helping to keep her stall clean and her water & belly full :)

    Our farrier is treating her hoofs daily and he is optimist - we are only on day 3 of ADIZA being in our care.   Your donations are going towards his services and ADIZA medicines currently.  Please donate and share to help ADIZA!

    August 12, 2018

  • she is a sweet beauty / help us help her

    August 11, 2018