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4 week old pup covered in TAR

  • Breed: BELDI - mixed Breed street dog stray
  • Name: INKY
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: Extra Small
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Baby

$40.00 raised of $250.00

This little guy was spotted in the village yesterday by Souleiman, one of our workers at the Sanctuary, while he was at the village shop buying provisions.  4 weeks old, absolutely covered in THICK BLACK TAR.  Thank goodness he saw him!

Since our only vehicle was far away on another rescue, Souleiman needed to take a taxi into town (46km-roundtrip) and get this pup to our vet right away.

Our vet slowly cleaned the sticky awful tar off the pup, and thankfully only a bit got through to the skin and irritated/burned it as you can see in the photo of shaved area.  He was also covered in parasites and some ticks.

INKY will now need the best nutritious PUPPY FOOD  and will need to be vaccinated , frequently wormed and NEUTERED.

At such a young age, all pups are at risk of catching the PARVOVIRUS so we must isolate INKY as best as possible and monitor him closely.

We have recently taken in over 30 abandoned pups but we cannot say no to INKY.  

INKY needs your help. Please help us to help this litte boy?


  • HERE IS A PHOTO OF LITTLE 4 week old INKY today.  His little body has been cleaned from all the STICKY BLACK TAR he was covered in.  He is being treated for parasites.  He is now at our Sanctuary and we are keeping him isolated as much as possible.  WE of course HOPE somebody in Tangier will ADOPT him but it hardly ever happens, so he may end up a permanent resident.  We have so many abandoned litters of pups already.  We need your financial support to take care of INKY.

    Please keep donating for him, since we have only received a bit and need much more to care for him and give him good quality puppy food.  

    August 14, 2018