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February, A Month of Love

February, A Month of Love

To Our poundWISHES Community,

February has been a month of love (Happy Belated Valentine's Day, btw!) for poundWISHES and everyone in our animal-loving community. As we move forward with our mission to transform the rescue world in our own, unique way, I'd love to share more of what you've helped us accomplish this past month.

January set the bar high kicking off 2018, but thanks to our rescue partners, wonderful donors, and team, we surpassed our goals in February to help even more rescue pets around the world. 

This line of work is ever challenging as there are always more and more animals in need of our help. However, I am humbled by a continual observation -- so many animals we have encountered through poundWISHES have exhibited such a tremendous strength, courage, and will to live. These characteristics, along with their willingness to still forgive and be sweet to humankind, inspires the poundWISHES team to never give up on them -- to make sure we are doing everything possible to ensure that they live the long and happy lives they deserve. 


Every month we aim to help as many animals as possible. Just in February, we raised over $100,000 in donations and helped over 150 pets start their road to recovery. 

While we've had many compelling cases and stories come through our site, there was one animal in particular that especially stood out: Wally

Wally was one of our Weekly Wishes who was beaten by his previous owner with a metal pry bar, only to be left alone in a pool of blood overnight. Luckily, Wally was rescued by Barbara, the founder of Pound Pullers in Missouri. She rushed him to the vet immediately thinking that the most humane act would be to put him down peacefully. But something amazing happened. She recalls:

“When I was less than halfway there, I looked in my mirror and Wally was sitting up in my back seat looking at me. I was in total shock, I couldn't believe my eyes. I can remember looking back at him, giving him my arm to lay his head on. Then I told him, "Ok boy, you want to live. We will help you live."

Knowing that the surgery would cost a lot of money, Barbara started a campaign on poundWISHES. She also started Wally a gift registry for items that would help him recover, like healthy food, a cozy blanket, and a warm bed. On poundWISHES, Wally was able to raise over $3k (122% of his goal), as well as receive gifts that will help him recover to full health and happiness. He recently was adopted by an amazing family that will love him forever.

This month, we had 14 pets fund over 100%, and we're proud to say that we've surpassed January by over 200% in this category. We're excited to see how much more good we can do next month on this front.


Another exciting area of focus for poundWISHES is awarding our most urgent-needs animals weekly grants via our Weekly Wish spotlight. This month, in addition to our weekly awards, we gave away an additional grant on Valentine's Day. This grant was awarded to the rescue who engaged the most with poundWISHES via our “Make a Difference” video. We were beyond excited to see so many of our rescues participate. The competition was fierce, but in the end, we had a clear winner: Southeast Alaska Organization for Animals with over 900 shares and 400 likes of engagement!

Located in Juneau, Alaska, SOFA commits to end pet homelessness, abandonment, cruelty, and neglect in Southeast Alaska through education, advocacy, community services, and improved access to veterinary services. SOFA specifically focuses on the rural communities in Southeast Alaska where there are no vets and no humane societies.

We aim to continue supporting SOFA, along with all of our participating rescues, by creating, optimizing, funding, and fulfilling as many campaigns and registries as possible. Together, we continue to stand in a unified mission to help animals worldwide.


Talking of registries -- our wishlist registry feature has been on the uprise since late last year. We now have over 300+ registries across the country. And now in February, we have expanded to allow healthy adoptable pets, who are simply waiting to get adopted, start registries, as well. After all, healthy pets also benefit from a cozy bed and high-quality food as they wait for their forever homes. This addition not only eases some of the financial burden on rescues, but also on future adopters. 

With registries, people are able to choose how they want to give back through monetary donations for medical needs or through purchasing much needed items like food, beds, blankets, medication, treats, and toys. It empowers animal-lovers with choice and transparency.

If you haven't already, check out all of our active wishlists registries HERE and support an animal by purchasing a product of your choice. It's fun!


During January we were able to get involved in our community, and as we moved into February, we continued our involvement by partnering with the Dog Cafe LA for a Valentine's Day event: “Doggie Coffee Date.” The day was dedicated to those who were wanting to adorn a rescue pet with love and treats, while mingling and enjoying coffee. Many of the dogs at the cafe are waiting to fall in love with their forever family. The proceeds were able to benefit the Dog Cafe's continuous rescue efforts and the poundWISHES Foundation.  

If you are a company and want to partner with poundWISHES for an event in the future, we'd love to hear from you. Contact:


As we look into March and April, we are excited about new releases that will allow both rescues and animal lovers to have an even better experience on poundWISHES. We are working hard to make sure that everyone who participates in our community finds the utmost value and heartfelt meaning from the experiences they have on the site. In this vein, we look forward to achieving milestones towards our broader goal of building an authentic community of animal lovers.

Next week, our CEO John Hussey will also be making an exciting announcement -- I won't ruin the surprise, but I'll just say it's yet another exciting way that animal lovers will be able to save more animals, while playing an even larger role in the poundWISHES journey..

As we start a new month, we want to thank you for your amazing support; without it, we would not be able to continue the work we do. If you're looking for a way to give back and be involved in a more consistent way, please consider joining the wishpack. The wishpack program is for those animal lovers who want to commit to supporting urgent-needs animals monthly. This program supports our weekly wish, disaster funds, and emergency grants. If you're interested in joining the poundWISHES family through the wishpack, visit us at:

Thanks again and look forward to catching up next month.

Kindest Regards,

Natalise Kalea



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