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Investment in For-Good Companies

Investment in For-Good Companies

The point of investing in any company has traditionally been solely to turn a profit. Investors, depending on industry, like to see a return of at least 9%, which matches the average return on the S&P. However, in the last decade, there has been a movement to support for-good companies. After all, what good is money, if there is no higher purpose or good, some might say. And thus, there has been a huge surgence of investment into impact funds; in fact, according to Impact Alpha, there is currently $114B invested in impact. This large influx of investment is motivated by the thesis that, if structured and run properly, a company can not only make a difference in the world, but it can also garner revenues that match, even surpass, its competitors. Advocates of impact investing believe that for-good companies can do even better -- for its customers, its employees, and its investors.

poundWISHES is proud to be a part of this impact movement. 

Today, we announced that we are going public with a mini-OPO (online public offering), allowing animal lovers around the world to own a piece of the company and to join the movement to do good for animals. 

Since its inception, poundWISHES has opened its doors to help all animal welfare organizations, providing funds to aid in recovery, adoption, and long-term health. To that end, poundWISHES has aggregated 1,000+ rescues and shelters, raising over $2M and helping over 3,000 animals. This past year, 7.6 million animals went into shelters in the United States and 2.7 million were euthanized. poundWISHES' business model is centered around equipping the 15,000 rescues in the US (and beyond) to market and fundraise more effectively. 

In the last few months, poundWISHES has been hard at work launching its new feature -- Wishlist Registries: product registries for adoptable and recovering animals. "It works very simply. It's like a baby registry, but for animals," says COO Natalise Kalea. In this model, any rescue animal can have a registry, requesting products like a cozy bed, healthy food, medicine, treats, etc. and animal lovers from around the world can opt to support this animal with a purchase. "For the purchaser, it means being able to give in a modern and transparent way."

Lucky for animals, this new feature has been met with great reception. "We have seen incredible growth -- 60% every week since inception. We want to be able to continue to grow this side of poundWISHES and make an even bigger impact in the long-term." But in order to scale the company, poundWISHES is looking for additional capital.

CEO John J. Hussey believes that animal lovers are the right investors. "We believe that the most passionate animal lovers should be owners in our company because we are all mission-aligned. The more successful we are at what we do and the more revenue poundWISHES garners, the more animals we can save. There aren't a lot of companies that can say that," says Hussey.

If you'd like to join the movement and be an owner in a for-good, impact-driven company, consider purchasing equity in poundWISHES. Simply go to and purchase a minimum of 250 shares at $2/share ($500). Purchasing stock at higher levels awards an equivalent jump in equity, but also garners you perks like adorable swag and hanging out with puppies at our next event.

Invest in animals. Invest in good. Invest in poundWISHES.



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