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A Marvelous March

A Marvelous March

To Our poundWISHES Community,

You are amazing! March was an incredible month for our poundWISHES animals, rescue partners, and community. Here's what you helped us accomplish this month: 


The month of March was one of our best yet. We raised over $130,000 in donations and helped almost 200 pets start their healing journey. We've had many compelling cases and stories come through our site -- one of which was Weekly Wish Turtle, whose incredible story inspired everyone to rally behind this tiny kitten. 

Turtle was one of our Weekly Wishes and was rescued by Utah Valley Animal Rescue. There was routine maintenance of burning ditches down in Sanpete County, Utah, and those doing the work didn't realize Turtle was in one. After what must've been the most traumatic experience for him, he still allowed his rescuers to pick him up and get him help. He was covered in burns and almost all of his fur was gone; it was clear he would require surgery. 

Utah Valley Animal Rescue started a fundraiser on poundWISHES to ensure he would be able to receive proper medical treatment. They also created a wishlist registry for him where his supporters were able to send him toys, food, and kitty litter. Through poundWISHES, Turtle was able to raise over $3k ($1,200 over his goal), as well as receive gifts that will aid him during his recovery and ease some of the financial hardship for his rescue.

This month, we had 11 pets fund over 100%. We're excited to see how much more good we can do next month on this front.


One of the most exciting areas of focus for poundWISHES was launching our mini-OPO (Online Public Offering) via StartEngine. Opening up the investment pool to the public has enabled animal lovers around the world to purchase equity in the company. Ultimately, support for poundWISHES means more animals treated, adopted, provided for, and saved.

In 2013, the ASPCA only gave $4.9 million to support animal shelters, a mere 4% of its $129 million budget. And in the case of the HSUS, very little money donated to the Humane Society of the United States will ever reach a local shelter. According to HSUS's 2008 tax return, less than half of one percent (0.5%) of HSUS budget consisted of grants to their hands-on pet shelters. In following with our mission, our team felt that embarking on a REG-A fundraising round allowed our poundWISHES community an opportunity to become stakeholders in our journey to change the way funds and products are distributed to shelters and rescues. 

Our CEO John Hussey believes that the best investors in the company will be ones who are mission aligned. "Having animal lovers come in as investors has been incredibly gratifying; as a community, we become stronger in our mission and purpose,"


Our wishlist registry feature has been on the rise since late last year. We now have over 400+ active registries on any given week. 

Wishlists are now not only open to urgent-needs pets, but also adoptable pets. The reception of this expansion has been extremely positive. Not only can we help pets in dire need, we can also help healthy pets by providing products like a cozy bed and high-quality food as they wait for their forever homes. This addition not only eases some of the financial burden on rescues, but also on future adopters. 

With registries, animal lovers are able to give back in a modern and transparent way by purchasing much needed items like food, beds, blankets, medication, treats, and toys. If you haven't already, check out all of our active wishlists registries HERE and support an animal by purchasing a product of your choice. 


We have been beyond grateful to meet and interact with our community during events. It allows us to create a bond and understanding of our mission. This month we are partnering up with Dog Cafe LA again to bring you an enchanting day filled with puppies! Come out to our event Expecto-Pup-Tronum, where you can spend the day with charmed "Harry Potter" pups as they wait to be sorted into their perfect houses! If you would like to join us on this magical day, reserve your ticket HERE

If you are a company and want to partner with poundWISHES for an event in the future, we'd love to hear from you. Contact:


Thanks again for your continued support for animals around the world through poundWISHES. As we begin April and head into Spring, we are excited about all of the amazing new features to come... and all the animals yet to be saved!

-The poundWISHES Team



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