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Kids Giving Back To Rescue Pets

Kids Giving Back To Rescue Pets

National Kids and Pets Day is a day to celebrate the bond kids and animals share together, as well as the wonderful things that can be taught through their interaction. There are many benefits to bringing a pet into a child's life. The early stages of development are a great time to begin promoting the natural tendency to nurture and stewardship. 

Pets have the potential for a lifelong impact on a child's development. Teaching kids kindness towards animals can make a huge difference not only in their lives, but the pets' as well. A great example of kids giving back is a young girl named Ella Warner. This 13-year old girl is the president of Rescue + Freedom Project, a nonprofit dedicated to saving animals all around the globe from laboratory experiments and abusive environments. 

"Our generation is the one that desperately needs to spread the word and teach the next generation about being cruelty-free and helping animals who do not have a voice," says Ella. 

Here at poundWISHES we are inspired by what she is doing. In honor of National Kids and Pets Day, we wanted to share with you, ways your child can give back to animals in need.

Reading to Shelter Animals

The act of children reading to animals within a shelter environment has been shown to have a powerful impact on both child and pet. Many shelters across the nation have programs encouraging kids to sit in front of kennels and read aloud to dogs and cats. 

The pets at the shelter benefit from this interaction in a variety of ways. Spending long periods of time with a human helps to build trust, which can be a pivotal step after years of neglect or abuse. This simple development can increase a pet's chances of being adopted into a loving home. For shy and nervous dogs and cats, it's a time for them to learn how to relax around new people. As for energetic pets, they are able to learn how to display a calm demeanor. 

It's also an opportunity to learn about animal welfare issues and create an understanding of why it's important to treat animals with compassion. Having kids read to rescue pets and educate them, could help children prevent future animal abuse. Check out your local shelter to see if there are programs available for your child.

You Birthday for Rescue Pets

For children's birthdays, they are showered with love and gifts to make their day feel special. However, we at poundWISHES have been moved by the trend of young people foregoing birthday presents and instead asked their love ones to donate items for shelter animals. By doing this, it teaches a child how rewarding it can be to practice selflessness and how powerful their actions are. 

A seven year old girl, Delaney Dill, decided to take this proactive approach to animal welfare. Instead of birthday gifts, she asked those attending her party, to help her donate to shelter animals. Guests donated pet food, blankets, toys, cleaning supplies, and monetary donations to help with the care of the thousands of animals. Dill isn't alone in this journey, two ten year old girls decided that there was nothing they wanted more than to make animals in need happy. They asked their friends and family to give them donations for their local animal shelter instead of birthday presents saying that now, the animals wouldn't have to sleep on the cold, concrete floor.

Raising Money for Animals

Birthdays only come once a year, but there are many things kids are doing throughout the year to help animals awaiting their forever homes. A classic childhood staple, lemonade or bake sale stand is a perfect way for kids to participate in garnering donations for animals in need. 

Together, your child and you can make yummy goodies in return for donations or a even set a price for the treats. It is a rewarding experience for kids to turn in the money they raised after the hard work they put into it. 

poundWISHES very own team member, Vanessa, was inspired by her children they approached her about wanting to help animals. Her seven year old son, Riley, had been emotionally affected by the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. He witnessed animals on TV that were trapped or unfortunately, left behind. Riley knew what his mommy did for work and asked if there was anyway he could help animals that were impacted from the hurricane. Vanessa and her boys set up a lemonade and cookie stand to help raise money for rescues and shelters taking in animals. The community came out in support and they were able to raise over $500 for Hurricane Harvey pets. You can read the full story HERE.

Being Kind with poundWISHES

Encouraging kids to make a difference in animals lives, gives them a chance to be a voice for the voiceless. With your help, you and your child can stand up for rescue pets. What's great about poundWISHES' platform, is it allows people who are donating to choose how they want to give back. 

A fun activity and rewarding activity for you and your children is to take the time to select an animal to donate to. This small example can make a world of difference in the lives of a pet and with thousands of pets in need on poundWISHES, the options are endless. You can choose which animal by breed, size, location, and much more. Together you can give monetary donations to a pet that has medical needs. You even have the option to purchase items like comfy beds, cozy blankets, new toys, yummy food, and delicious treats for not only urgent needs pets, but also pets waiting for their forever home. 

Teaching kids kindness is an incredible thing, and doing so for animals in need -- is inspiring. Together, we can make a difference for animals. And together, we can learn kindness from each other. If you have a story of your child or a child you know giving back to animals, we would love to hear about it. Send us an email to

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