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Rescue to Riches

Rescue to Riches

On Saturday, May 19th, 2018, people from all over the world tuned into watch the latest royal wedding. Prince Harry had his fairytale ending as he and actress Meghan Markle joined together to dedicate their love to one another. While everyone was raving about how beautiful the ceremony, dress, and makeup were, the poundWISHES team fell in love for another reason -- Meghan's dog and the Queen.

Images of Queen Elizabeth II filled our hearts as she traveled to the royal wedding with Markle's beloved rescue pup nestled on her lap. For us, it was a touching moment considering that early April, Queen Elizabeth's corgi of almost 15 years passed away. The queen's heart was shattered when she lost the company of her pup Willow. As a descendant of corgi Susan, an 18th birthday present when Queen Elizabeth was then Princess Elizabeth, the Queen held Willow close to her heart. But her majesty has always loved dogs; in fact, she has owned more than 30 corgis throughout her life, and reportedly has had as many as 13 in her care at one time. 

Now, it seems the Queen has found a way to fill the doggy-shaped hole in her heart with Meghan Markle's rescue beagle Guy, who is truly a story of rescue to riches. 

Guy's unlikely journey began at a high kill shelter in Kentucky. He had been found in the woods, and after spending days at the shelter, nobody had come forward to adopt him. Guy was then placed on the euthanasia list. That's when Dolores Doherty of Ontario-based organization A Dog's Dream Rescue stepped in. She had a long track record of saving beagles slated to be put down in the US, bringing them to Canada to be adopted. When she saw Guy, she knew she had to help: "He was just sitting there with those big beagle sad eyes, looking so depressed. He was irresistible," said Doherty. It wasn't long before Meghan Markle came face to face with those same puppy dog eyes herself; and in 2015, Guy found his forever home with Megan.

While the story from a rough to royal life is the perfect tail, we admire these two regal women for their love of their pets, despite their status in society. It is no question the devotion these women share to make sure their dogs are well taken care of. 

poundWISHES believes that every rescue dog should feel like a royal. There are over 3 million pets in shelters in the United States alone. But here's the awesome thing: you can make all the difference in a rescue dog's life, providing love, care, and lifelong friendship. If you're ready for a new addition, check out available pets in your community and beyond here:

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