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12 Pawesome Cat Facts

12 Pawesome Cat Facts

12 Pawesome Cat Facts in Honor of Adopt-a-Cat Month

By Alexis Lopez

Working at poundWISHES, I am able to put my love for animals to work everyday by assisting our rescue and shelter partners market the campaigns of pets in their care. As a cat mom myself, I hold a special place in my heart for our feline friends. If you've ever adopted or cared for an animal, you know that a bond between a human and fur-baby can be truly special, and it's no different with cats.

I am personally so happy that my birthday month of June (yay!) is deemed National Adopt-a-Cat Month. If you're a cat lover, you might agree with me in believing that cats are a misunderstood pet. And in honor of this purrrr-fect month, I would love to share with you 12 pawesome facts that may make you want to adopt a cat, June-er rather than later.

1. Kittens sleep a lot because their bodies release a growth hormone only when they're asleep. In fact, cats sleep so much that by the time a cat is 9 years old, it will only have been awake for three years of its life.

2. By neutering a cat, you add about two to three years to its life.

3. Cats' purring may be a self-soothing behavior, since they make this noise when they're ill or distressed, as well as when they're happy.

4. Cats have an extra organ that allows them to taste scents in the air, which is why your cat stares at you with her mouth open from time to time.

6. Cats use their long tails to balance themselves when they're jumping or walking along narrow ledges.

7. Kneading -- which some people refer to as "making biscuits" -- is a sign of contentment and happiness. 

8. When a cat flops over and shows their belly, it doesn't always mean they want a belly rub. A cat will do this when they are relaxed and showing trust.

9. When your cat sticks their butt in your face, they are doing so as a gesture of friendship.

10. Cats like to sleep on things that smell like their owners, such as their pillows and dirty laundry.

11. Some 700 MILLION feral cats live in the United States, and many shelters run trap-neuter-release programs to stem the population growth.

12. There are about 88 million pet cats in the United States, which makes them the most popular pet in the country!

I hope these facts purrr-suaded you to adopt a kitty during June. And it's the perfect time, as we enter the peak of kitten season. You can start your search for your furrr baby right meow by visiting your local rescue and adopting a cat that is waiting for their forever home. Visit to find a rescue near you.

If adopting isn't for you just quite yet, that's ok. You can celebrate National Adopt-a-Cat Month by donating to a kitty's medical bills or purchasing an item off a wishlist: HERE



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