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A Bright Start to Summer

A Bright Start to Summer

Hello to Our Amazing poundWISHES Community,

We are officially halfway through 2018 as we exit June and enter the summer days of July. It has been an amazing month for the pets we have been able to help, their rescues, and the poundWISHES community of animal lovers. As we reflect on this last month, we'd love to share our successes, stories that left an impact on us, and exciting things to look forward to as we continue to work together in making a difference in rescue animals' lives.

Here are the highlights: 


June has been the best in the history of poundWISHES to date with an increase of 74% in funds raised. It is a heartwarming feeling that, together, we were able to raise over $180,000 and help 210 pets start their new journey to a happy, healthier life. Sixteen pets were able to exceed their full wish amount, with a total of almost $14,000.

It's often difficult to watch so many helpless pets come onto our site after enduring so much abuse and suffering. Our rescue partners strive to do whatever it takes to ensure these pets receive the proper medical care and love they deserve. This month has been no exception, with the story of Gwen and Gypsy captivating our community and hearts.

Gypsy and Gwen became an urgent-needs Weekly Wish after they were shot when they wandered onto another person's property after their owner's son accidentally let them out. The brindle one was shot in the chest and leg and started to bleed out. The white pup was shot in the leg. Both dogs desperately needed immediate veterinary attention. It was clear that Gypsy, the white dog, had a very deep laceration that required sedation and surgery. But of the pair, Gwen's condition was even more concerning and urgent. When simply looking at her significant wounds, it was difficult to ignore that she was clearly in excruciating pain. It appears she was shot twice, and her sternum was broken from one of the bullets. However, she was incredibly lucky because the angle she was shot at allowed her to survive. Unfortunately, she was left with an open wound greater than 8 inches in diameter. She lost an incredible amount of blood and was in danger. In addition to her broken sternum, she had a shattered elbow, which needed to be amputated. Despite the immense amount of pain they were in, these two girls were as sweet as can be. 

Through poundWISHES, Gwen and Gypsy were able to raise $4,576, just $424 shy of their full wish amount. They both were able to receive the surgeries they needed to start their road to recovery. Gypsy was able to heal at a much faster rate than Gwen, but Gwen fought to regain her strength.

The support these sweet girls had was incredible and it wouldn't have been possible without their rescue, Dallas Dogs RRR, the amazing vets that cared for them, and, of course, the donors that continue to support her. If you'd like to be a part of their journey, you can still contribute to their fundraiser or purchase products from their wishlist to make them feel the love they deserve.

Support Gwen and Gypsy:

Gwen and Gypsy's Wishlist:


Our wishlist feature has continually grown (we've almost hit 2,000 registries created!), substantially helping our rescue partners provide much needed products to the pets in their care. Rescues have been able to customize each pet's wishlist, while letting donors know exactly what each pet specifically needs. The registry enables a level of transparency for animal lovers because donors can choose how they want to give back. When items are purchased on behalf of the animals, it eases some of the financial burden on rescues, but also on future adopters. All products go with the animal, from rescue to forever home. 


If you haven't already participated, check out all of our active wishlists registries HERE and support an animal by purchasing a product of your choice -- it can make all the difference. And it's fun!


Our community is filled with kind-hearted, animal lovers. We love being able to interact with our supporters and working together on helping the rescue world. This month, a few members of the poundWISHES team headed over to SuperZoo to explore products benefiting our rescues. We continually strive to ensure our rescue partners have everything they need for their pets.

This upcoming month in July, poundWISHES will be attending the Best Friends Conference in Los Angeles, CA. We are excited to be a part of such an incredible event, where we can connect with our rescue partners and share knowledge so that we can collectively save more animals' lives. 

We are also pleased to announce that poundWISHES will be hosting a mixer on July 20th, during the conference, for rescues and shelters, animal lovers, and anyone in the community that would like to attend. For more details on how to attend, please email us at If you are a company and want to partner with poundWISHES for a community event in the future, we'd love to hear from you. Contact:

June surpassed our expectations in every way possible. While the bar is set high for July, poundWISHES is confident that with the help of our rescues and community, we can reach our monthly goal to save even more animals this month than the last! 

As we move into Q3, we have some exciting initiatives in the works. Stay tuned as we can't wait to share them with you in the upcoming months. 

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-The poundWISHES Team



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