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Thank You - Midsummer Marvels!

Thank You - Midsummer Marvels!

Hello to Our Amazing Community,

Thank you for an amazing July of saving and supporting animals around the world. I know we say this every month, but it's true -- the love that you show abounds all the more as time goes on. This work wouldn't be possible without you, our community of animal lovers, as well as our rescue partners globally. As it's the beginning of August, , we'd like to reflect upon July and share with you all the wonderful accomplishments you've helped make happen.

We also have a very exciting announcement to share with our community as we continue to work together in making a difference in rescue animals' lives.

Without further ado, here are the highlights: 


June set the bar extremely high with more pets fully funded than ever before. In July, we had our work cut out for us, but our passion pushed our team to accomplish our mission. We raised just under $185,000 for rescue pets. 203 pets were able to start their road to recovery, and 16 of those pets were able to exceed their full wish amount, with a total of over $14,500. 

In particular, Cocoa was a standout campaign. While you often hear of the horrible abuse and neglect that happens to innocent animals, some are found with congenital birth defects.Tiny kitten Cocoa is the purrfect example. 

Placed in a cardboard box without food or water and left on the sidewalk in the Arizona heat, poor Cocoa was found abandoned with her mom and two brothers. All three kittens suffered from upper respiratory infections along with secondary eye infections, but little Cocoa's condition was clearly much more severe. She suffered from a rare congenital birth defect called bilateral tarsal arthrogryposis, which means that her hind legs are backwards and crisscrossed at the ankle joint. Cocoa had some mobility in her back legs, but “walking” on her joints causes fluid build-up, resulting in painful swelling. 

The vets determined that Cocoa's condition could be improved with bilateral tarsal arthrodesis surgery. She will never have mobility in her ankle joint, but this surgery would enable her to walk on the pads of her feet like a normal cat. At just four months old, Cocoa is still growing, so she will not be a candidate for surgery until she is between six and nine months of age, which gave her rescue the time they need to raise the funds to pay for this expensive procedure.

Cocoa soon became a Weekly Wish through poundWISHES. This sweet and tiny kitten was able to surpass her wish amount and raise over $3,000. She won the hearts of everyone; supporters from across the country sent her items off her wishlist to give her some comfort, while easing more of the financial burden for her rescue. If you would like to still send her a gift from her wishlist or donate to her continual medical care, you can do so HERE


Our wishlist feature has continually grown, substantially helping our rescue partners provide much needed products to the pets in their care. Rescues have been able to customize each pet's wishlist, while letting donors know exactly what each pet specifically needs. The registry enables a level of transparency for animal lovers because donors can choose how they want to give back. When items are purchased on behalf of the animals, it eases some of the financial burden on rescues, but also on future adopters. All products go with the animal, from rescue to forever home. 


If you haven't already participated, check out all of our active wishlists registries HERE and support an animal by purchasing a product of your choice -- it can make all the difference. And it's fun! 


As some of you may know, poundWISHES was started by a little girl. The name poundWISHES came from an inspiration young McKenzi took away from being granted a wish herself from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This name has served us well.

However, as we continue to grow and expand our features to better serve our animal-loving community, we believe a name change is in order. This month, we will be CUDDLY. You can learn more at

Our expansion will enable animal lovers, themselves, to create pet product registries and automatically give back to the rescue of their choice. CUDDLY will grant rescues 10x more than that of the Amazon Smile program. In this way, we will continue our mission to give back to rescue and support animals worldwide.

Sign up at We can't wait to share more as we expand!  


Since we work with rescues across the nation, we don't always have the opportunity to meet them face to face. But this last month, the poundWISHES team attended the annual Best Friends Conference in Los Angeles, finally meeting many rescues we work with everyday. It was awesome to connect and share ways to work even better together in the future. Thank you to all the rescues we met, old and new -- we look forward to better serving you now and in the future. And we look forward to meeting everyone again next year in Dallas!


Are you interested in startups, particularly the PetTech space? CUDDLY will be hosting a PetTechLA event in Culver City (Los Angeles) on September 26th. Guests include Aimee Gilbreath, Executive Director of the Michaelson Foundation and and Ben Jacobs, previous CEO of Whistle and Head of Ventures of Mars Petcare. If you're interested in the PetTech space and how to get involved in the betterment of animals around the world, join us in LA next month. Reserve your spot HERE

In looking forward, we are excited! With our transition to CUDDLY, we know we can make an even bigger impact for animals, rescues, and animal lovers. Thank you for your continuous love and support for those who do not have a voice. Together as a community, we can make a meaningful difference.Join us on social media for the latest and greatest: @welovecuddly on all channels.

-The CUDDLY Team



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