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If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you may have seen that we have a new name: starting today, we are going from poundWISHES to CUDDLY (@welovecuddly). We are so excited about our name change for many reasons: 1) What our name has meant and now means and 2) Our invitation to animal lovers to open up CUDDLY registries and automatically give back to rescues. 

For some of you, CUDDLY may come as a surprise. Rest assured, our mission remains the same and stronger than ever -- to help save animals around the world. Our previous name poundWISHES was inspired by a little girl's authentic desire to give back the amazing gift that the Make-a-Wish Foundation gave her -- a chance to be happy. And over the course of the last few years as poundWISHES, we has supported over 4,000 pets and 1,200 rescues and shelters, helping to raise funds and provide much needed products through our wishlist registries. 

As a company, we see the potential to do a lot more for rescues and animal lovers, alike. Now with CUDDLY, animal lovers, including new adopters, have an opportunity to create registries for their fur-babies, as well. But wait, it gets better. 5% of every purchase on a an adopter's registry goes directly back to the rescue of their choice (that's 10x more than Amazon Smile)! These extra funds will allow rescues and shelters to save more pets and earn more money than ever before. 

With the launch of CUDDLY, we are so excited to include animal lovers into our community to be able to access awesome products for their own pets, while automatically giving back to rescues around the globe. We've always set out to be a for-good company and we believe we are on the path to go above and beyond our mission statement. (We'd also like to note that our non-profit arm the poundWISHES Foundation will remain exactly the same, giving weekly grants to urgent-needs animals on our site through the Weekly Wish. To join our WISHPACK community, simply sign up here:

We are beyond grateful to the amazing community of animal lovers that have helped us get to this point -- helping us support rescues around the world and save as many animals as possible . As we expand into CUDDLY, we want to hear your feedback, as well as any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us at Or if you're ready to start a registry for your own pet and automatically give back to rescues, get started here: 

CUDDLY, where animals get happy.

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