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Alana's Animals

Alana's Animals

Alana's love for animals shines brighter than a diamond!

 “They are so cute! I love all my 4-legged friends!”

Alana proclaimed petting a neighbors dog.

Having grown up in Michigan, the singer/actress is thankful to have had pets around on freezing winter nights. 

“Imagine the cutest space-heater that could ever warm your bed. That was Coco.” 

Alana's love for animals has inspired her to be a protector and outspoken animal rights activist. 

“Animal abuse, never okay. You better be treating animals nice, or deal with me!”

Long, demanding hours in the music studio have prevented Alana from having a pet since moving to Los Angeles, but she is always the first person to volunteer if someone needs help. 

“It's good to be Aunt Alana. Someone has to look after my friends pets,” Alana smiled.

Her favorite products on the site are from the Howl-idays collection.

"The outfits are so festive and cute!"

Once you create a registry, you can name a rescue of choice to dedicate 5% of all purchases; Alana wants to encourage all of her supporters to donate towards Bambi's Cuddly List. 

Alana's huge heart and open arms are a gift to the animal-loving world. Today Alana wishes for each pet parent to start a registry for their own pets by going to 



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