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Top 4 Dog Walking Mistakes

Top 4 Dog Walking Mistakes

#1. Follow the Leader

Allowing your dog to lead the way on a walk can send a message that they are in charge and can affect other aspects of your relationship. Don’t allow your dog to walk you, instead be the one to set the pace and lead the way.

#2. Oops He Did it Again

When he’s got to go… he's got to go and sometimes the timing is not ideal. Leaving the house without being prepared is not a good idea. Always carry a potty bag with you even if you think you won’t need it. Better to be prepared than caught in an awkward situation of dog droppings on your neighbor’s lawn.

#3. Tension Makes Tension

Having little to no give on your leash can create stress for your dog and actually may increase unwanted pulling and added strain. Try and relax the lease while still being assertive. The optimal leash position is loose by your side with relaxed shoulders.

#4. It Doesn’t Fit

The wrong collar or harness can do more damage than just an unpleasant walk for you and your dog. Talk to your vet about the right fit for your friend. It’s more important than you may think because an improper size could impose health concerns.

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