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An Unforgettable Year With poundWISHES

An Unforgettable Year With poundWISHES

Over this last year, some amazing things have happened at poundWISHES. As we come to a memorable end, we want to look back and cheers to the success of helping animals in the rescue world. This year, we have saved over 1,700 pets through poundWISHES and our amazing donor community of over 100,000 people. Thanks to our generous donors, we have now been able to raise almost $2,000,000.00 to ensure that animals are able to live the lives they deserve. We have been lucky enough to surpass our wildest dreams, far beyond than we could have ever imagined, and have been inspired by stories of animals' courage and will to survive.

2017 was stricken with tragedy from devastating hurricanes to ravaging wildfires, disrupting the lives of humans and animals alike. poundWISHES recognized the amazing rescue efforts that were put in by volunteers on the ground and through transport, as they stopped at nothing to help save the lives of animals. We were able to award over twenty grants to rescues greatly affected by these devastating events. With joint efforts from animal lovers across the nation and celebrities such as World Series Astros pitcher Lance McCullers, we were able to help raise over $32,000.00 for animals and rescues affected by this years natural disasters. 

The holiday season is one of giving back to those in need, but our mission is to give, support, even fight, for those who do not have a voice all year long. We've been fortunate enough to continue our work through our wishpack program. Wishpackers are animal lovers who have committed to supporting urgent-needs animals monthly. This program supports our weekly wish, disaster funds, and emergency grants. If you're interested in joining the poundWISHES family, visit us at

Our biggest success this year is the expansion of poundWISHES to include wishlist product registries. This extension has changed the way our donors can give back! With this new feature, you can now choose how to give to animals, whether it's monetary support for medical assistance or much-needed products like beds, food, medication, etc. that will help animals recover and live a happier, healthier life.Check out what pets you can support before the new year is up, at

The future is bright here at poundWISHES as we look into 2018 and all the animals we hope to save. We are unlike any other company around. On our platform, rescues, shelters, and sanctuaries can create fundraising and product registry campaigns, as well as find new donors; at the same time, potential adopters can give to animals around the world -- transparently and directly -- or even find their future pet. 

What does 2018 look like for us? We have just begun to expand globally to help rescue pets around the world and look forward to continuing that growth. poundWISHES will continue to be inspired by and committed to urgent-needs animals around the world. And as the year progresses, we hope to continue sharing stories of triumph and success that exhibit the magnanimity of animals and people, alike. Ring in the New Year with kindness by joining us in this journey. 



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