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VetVan is a non-profit targeting some of the most unreachable and local areas, as well as busy roads. We travel in our van to TNR (trap neuter return) stray dogs and cats, provide medical care and daily feeding routes. Setting up in local areas and traveling to clinics, we spay and medicate animals in need of our help.

We support temples and locals caring for animals as many of them are unable to afford needed medical care and/or neutering/spaying. It's best to work at the root of the cause and spay to prevent more unwanted births and stray animals but to do this we need support. By spaying and vaccinating, medicating and supporting when needed, we ensure healthy street dog populations with less suffering. We’re on a mission to spay!

We do not have shelter facilities or a clinic. We work with local veterinary clinics and rescue organizations to make a bigger difference, fast.

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