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Living Grace Canine Ranch


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Living Grace Canine Ranch is a 501(c)(3) animal sanctuary dedicated to providing a permanent home for 'high-risk' senior canines of all breeds that are adoptive-disadvantaged living in shelters.

“Where love resides” is both our motto and mantra. We are steadfast in our commitment to sustaining a permanent home that honors the unique gifts senior canines bring into our lives. Located on 5-acres of rolling ranchland in the Texas Hill Country, Living Grace Canine Ranch offers canines opportunities to flourish with individual canine suites, foraging trails, Frisbee parks, sparkling drinking fountains, and aquatic recreation for splashing fun or rehabilitation water therapy.

More than a place for dogs to live, Living Grace Canine Ranch is a permanent home where emotionally, medically, and physically challenged senior dogs can thrive and forever feel safe, protected, and unconditionally loved.

Through our Senior Canine Caregiver Program, our ranch residents receive 24/7 vet care, age-appropriate quality food, annual medical exams, dental cleanings, routine grooming, certified behaviorist ‘need’ based assessments, and a game plan for socialization.

Living Grace Canine Ranch is 100% funded by public donations from compassionate individuals and local business owners. On behalf of our volunteers and senior residents, thank you for your kindness to unadoptable dogs that desire only one thing from humans, to be loved. 


Pets cared for by Living Grace Canine Ranch