Rocky's Road to Recovery!
February 23, 2017

Rocky showed up as a stray in a good Samaritans backyard. He has lost one eye and had very poor vision in the other, he also was extremely skinny and weak. The person whose yard Rocky strolled into had really fallen in love with him however, did not have the funds to transport or take him to a vet. The good samaritan called Defensa knowing they would immediately agree to rescue Rocky.

A Defensa volunteer helped with the transportation request and got Rocky to his first vet visit. Rocky's eye eventually cleared up, it turned out to be a treatable infection and was able to regain his vision! 

Rocky soon healed and found himself ready for adoption. In know time he was in the home of the person who first discovered him and made his healthy transformation possible! Rocky makes a great addition to their home and is extremely thankful they took action to save his vision and remove him from the streets!

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