Freedom Flight Leaving All Ticks Behind

January 12, 2018

Riley was abandoned and searching for food in homestead with hundreds of ticks covered his fragile body. When he was first discovered by his rescuer he knew how important it was to save his life. He reached out to us in hopes of professional help for Riley. As soon as we saw him we knew we had to pick him up. He looked defeated, lost, very confused. We couldn't let this handsome boy suffer anymore. 

Leigh, Cheryl and small rescuer Brandon drove for almost 2 hours and picked him up from Joe Riley, this amazing soul had Riley secure and had given him a nice bath (he removed as many ticks as he could) to tried to give him some relief. Riley was taken immediately to Pet Express Animal Hospital was in dire need of help and donations. Turning Riley's life around was our number one priority. Riley was able to raise $1,640 out of his $1,400 goal on poundWISHES. We appreciate everyone who pitched in to make this rescue possible, it takes a village to save a life and Riley definitely felt the love and support during his recovery. 

A huge thank you Chris and the Dean International Flight School for flying Riley to his forever home. We also thank the volunteers for transporting him and the other puppies! 

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