A Miraculous Intervention
December 13, 2016

Meet Mr Bean - He was rescued from the Downey Shelter within a couple hours of being euthanized due to his medical status. The shelters did not have the resources to care for such sick animals.

We got a call from the shelter late in that afternoon asking if we could take him, as he was sick and they would PTS if we don't take him ASAP. SCBR volunteers immediately stepped into action rushing through LA traffic to pick him up in time and get him to our vet's office for urgent care. When our volunteer arrived to the shelter he couldn't believe his eyes and thought the Mr Bean had already passed. He was covered in urine and feces and could not lift his head, our volunteer picked him up and raced out of there. Once at our vet's office Mr Bean received a nice warm bath. 

Unfortunately, his was so emancipated they were not able to draw his blood that day so the vet put gave him an IV with fluids to help give him the nutrients needed. His kidney functions were pretty bad and he only weighed 30 pounds! He wasn't only emaciated, this is now bordering 'animal abuse' any day before he got as bad as he was, he could have been left in a shelter, abandoned at a vet hospital or someone could have called a rescue of any type.

The following day he was still extremely week and still too dehydrated for blood or urine samples, so he was left on IV all evening, given food and antibiotics. Our Dr Kraemer and staff hoped with a couple of days on IV, some food in him and some rest, that tests can be started to see what treatments can be done to help out. He slowly began to sit up and become more attentive and appeared to be feeling better.

His early test results showed his kidney issues weren't chronic and more likely acute - meaning that this can be reversed to some extent. Still waiting for a few other tests to figure out why so skinny, the runny stools and throwing up? It's step by step, little improvements every day. Off to the 24/7 care hospital for the rest of the weekend.

Mr. Bean's took a step back with a sudden inability to hold down food and having to have an ultra sound that showed he had a 'mass' in his intestine that was blocking food - resulting in constant throwing up of any food. He was simply getting weaker over the weekend and the vet's needed to preform immediate surgery - no time to wait until he was stronger.

It was a big step forward was the surgery was done, though long and on a very weak dog - he reportedly did well in the whole process. The surgeon was able to find a 'walnut size' rubbery mass that was all removed. Mr. Bean went on supportive care for the next 24 hours with tubes feeding him and giving him fluids until he can take it on his own in small amounts. Thank you SCVH doctors, surgeons, techs and staff for your 24/7 help and support!

Through the amazing intervention of SCBR and the vet staff, Mr. Bean was able to miraculously heal. He is now adopted and living in a loving home.    

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