Age is Just a Number
December 13, 2016

Moses had a lot of medical issues that weren't addressed in his younger years and left him in an acute need of medical care to fix his eyes, dental care and heartworm treatments to prepare him to be adopted. 

Moses had one surgery to fix his eyes, do the dental work and neuter him to save him the stress of multiple surgeries.  We were too late to help him much for his deformed legs that were either broken or he was born with and grew deformed with no treatments to fix when younger.

We're not going to let his age or medical needs make us give up or try any less than we would for other bulldogs waiting for a home. 


Moses was adopted by a home that has taken all special needs dogs from us.  

They have their own FB page even:


They are amazing people…  He's known as Mosey Posey.  :)

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