From Dog Fighting to Family Dog
December 13, 2016

At the tender age of 2, Tyson had known nothing but a life of pain and misery.  We rescued Tyson from the shelter; he was rescue only and at risk of euthanasia.  One of our dedicated volunteers went to the shelter right away and brought him straight to our vet.  The second we took a look at Tyson, we could see how rough of a life he has had.  His face and neck was covered in dried blood and puncture wounds.  We weren't sure what his role was - fighter or bait dog - but Tyson was used in dog fighting. 

 It seems crazy to use an English Bulldog, one of the sweetest breeds, for such a vicious activity, but sadly it does happen and Tyson isn't the first dog we've had come into rescue from a life of fighting.  Not only did Tyson need medical care - he needed a neuter, his wounds needed to heal and he had an ear infection - but we needed to help him heal emotionally as well.  Tyson needed to be in rescue for a while, under our care, to help learn what is like to be a normal dog and be loved and cared for…not thrown into a ring to fight with another dog.  

Despite having been mistreated by humans, Tyson was incredibly affectionate and loving towards people.  Not surprising, he was terrified of other dogs and was immediately defensive as he has been attacked so many times in the past.  


Today, Tyson is one of best success stories. He lives in Huntington Beach, CA and man oh man is he having the greatest life ever.


It was the cutest thing - the family came to the adoption event and it was like love at first sight between the family and Tyson.  They were smitten.


He's had his own birthday parties, goes to the park and goes on the slide with the kids… he is literally a total member of the family.  

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