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4 Establish an exercise plan

4 Establish an exercise plan

#4 Establish an exercise plan

Living in an apartment with your four legged friend can be a real challenge sometimes! Small spaces, community doggy toilets, limited exercise options, barking, etc. An apartment lifestyle requires you and your best friend to have good manners and take a few extra steps to ensure a happy and healthy relationship. Here are the top 4 tips to help you get started!

Exercise is the foundation to any happy and well balanced dog. There are many factors that determine the type and amount of exercise they need. First thing to do is become educated on your breed, mixed or pure bread. It’s great to have an understanding of what activities they like and what they can do safely. A simple walk may be a great place to start, it's good exercise and it establishes you as the leader when done correctly. The second step on the road to an exemplary exercise plan is simply to be creative. Change it up and keep it fun for everyone. If your sick of looking at the same thing on your walk everyday then go for a hike maybe or find a local dog park. There are a lot of options and lots of ways for you to get involved. So set a reminder and do your best to make this a priority in your dogs life.

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