CUDDLY reviews from our Shelter and Rescue Partners

CUDDLY saves lives!

"Anyone involved in animal rescue knows these are very difficult and challenging times. We are all witnessing an exploding stray population. Abandoned, neglected, abused and unwanted pets are being dumped and ?owner surrendered? at record numbers. Shelters are full beyond capacity. Rescue...Read More

Thank You A Million Times

"Hi Veronica,I wanted to take a quick second and thank you a million times over for how much not just Cuddly, but you have helped Project Freedom Ride. You have taken all on the task of getting the fundraisers up and running with minimal requirements on my end and help keep me to what I need to...Read More

We Love Cuddly!

Dear Cuddly, To quote a line from the movie Forest Gump!.. " life is like a box of chocolates! never know what your gonna get"... Well that line can easily be modified to "Rescue" is like a box of chocolates!..because we often don't know what we're gonna get!.. in...Read More

Empowering Our Cause with Cuddly's Support

"As an organization who regularly incurs a lot of medical bills for our rescued cats and kittens, we were ecstatic to be introduced to Cuddly two months ago. Since then, between our organization and our partner org, we have raised a total of $11,662! The Cuddly platform is very user friendly...Read More

Cuddly made the process very easy and fun!

"Veronica and the Cuddly team have truly been a blessing to our organization. Veronica has been so incredibly helpful in setting up our account and by providing tips on how to fundraise and reach a greater audience to better assist the animals in our care. When we were recently faced with a...Read More

CUDDLY Is an amazing organization ran by people who truly care about animals

"I want to take the time to say thank you and acknowledge an amazing partnership that I have.In December 2020 Katiann Scherer reached out to me to offer help for our Animal Rescue Megan Driver's Saving Animal Lives. I have had many people reach out with different organizations in the past...Read More

Thank You For Personalized Support!

"Dear Cuddly Management,I am writing this as a testimonial to the caring, efficient, generous support we have received and continue to receive from your organization ? specifically through our fundraising consultant, Veronica De Bernardo. We were introduced to through Defensa...Read More

Medical supplies, toys, bedding, and specialty food!

"We are SO incredibly grateful for CUDDLY and we have a GREAT fundraising rep who makes it soooo easy! She gathers the info and does everything. We get boxes of supplies from CUDDLY multiple times a week? Medical supplies, toys, bedding, and specialty food!"Birmingham, AL

Overflowing Hearts, Full Bellies

"Once again, we are absolutely and completely blown away by our amazing CUDDLY Family! Your kindness is overwhelming and the amount of food that was donated for our ?Feed a Rescue Pet Week? campaign quite literally brings tears to our eyes! Tift Animal Rescue Inc. was formed to help the Tift...Read More