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The CUDDLY Club is a collective who believe happier animals make a happier world.
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Donations are pooled together to make a bigger impact, whether it be funding an urgent surgery, an airplane to transport animals to safety, or supplies needed for animals in recovery!
CUDDLY Club sends the supplies & funds directly to the animal rescues so they can begin their recovery and find their forever homes.
CUDDLY Club members receive weekly updates on all of the animals they have helped.
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CUDDLY Club is a group founded on the idea- a little good can go a long way. This club brings together individuals from across the country to provide a united front against animal abuse.
We believe that a drop in the bucket everyday, adds up to an overflowing bucket. The CUDDLY Club box has medical supplies and treats, but also a pledge to that rescuer- You aren't alone.
What's sitting on that rescue's doorstep? Yesterday it was a box of puppies covered in fleas, clinging to life. Today is different. Today, they have a box of supplies from people across the country who believe that rescuer, the one who committed to those babies, is a hero.
The CUDDLY Club - just your everyday heroes.
CUDDLY Club is Helping Rescue Animals Win!
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How can I be sure that my donation is helping the pet I donated to?
All the organizations featured on CUDDLY are certified 501(c)3 nonprofits. The team at CUDDLY works with all of our rescues closely, so you can be sure your donation is being used by a trusted group of individuals. After you donate to a pet, you will receive updates on an animal's progress until the animal finds their way into a fur-ever home.
How do I obtain my donation receipt?
A receipt is emailed to you each time you donate. A complete list of all receipts can be found by logging into your Donor Profile. Don't have an account yet? No problem, just register here using the same email you used when you donated, and all of your receipts will appear in your dashboard.
Can my donation be refunded?
In order to support the urgent needs pets on CUDDLY, we send items and funds as quickly as possible to our rescue partners. Because of our accelerated payment system, refunds are not possible through our platform. We recommend contacting the animal rescue or individual in order to see how to obtain any necessary refunds.
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