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1 Burns energy

1 Burns energy

Did you know that a lot of your dog’s unwanted behaviors may be stemming from pent-up energy?  You can contribute to a calmer and more well mannered companion by going a simple walk. Taking your dog outside for a nice walk in the fresh air is a great way to burn some energy help him get some exercise.

Walking your dog is also a great source of exercise for yourself.  What better way to get some exercise than to go on a nice walk with your best friend.  An average person can burn up to 200 calories for each hour of walking their dog.

Another benefit of walking your dog is training.  When you walk your dog you have many opportunities to train your dog to sit, heel, and perform general obedience.  Above all, you are creating a bond with your dog.  The bond between you and your dog important to the development and overall quality of life with your dog.   

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