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Life Saving Heart Surgery for Pulmonary Stenosis!

  • Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler
  • Name: Mikee
  • Color: Salt & Pepper
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Young

$3,383.00 raised of $3,000.00

Mikee must have heart surgery to correct pulmonary stenosis and save his life.

He was born on the side of a highway along with his 9 siblings in a homeless camp. When one of the litter died and the babies stopped nursing, the homeless woman agreed to let us help and care for them. Our veterinarian, Dr. Arun, realized immediately that Mikee had pulmonary stenosis (a valve in his heart was partially sealed shut) with a grade 4 heart murmur. His other siblings were very weak but did not have the same defect. We took Mikee to Dr. Rupp the next day, a cardiologist specialist. 

Mikee, only 5 weeks old at the time, had to be six months of age for this life saving surgery to be performed. During this waiting period, ultrasounds tracked his heart's deterioration. His heart pressure should have been 20 but his was 90, which is in the critical range. Everglades Angels volunteers have been so careful not to allow him to overexert and cause more heart damage. He is also on heart medication to assist in keeping the pressure down. Mikee, now six months old, has an appointment at the University of Florida, Small Animal Hospital, this Tuesday, June 27 for pre-surgical testing. 

We must raise $3,000 to pay for this life saving heart surgery. Dr. Rupp and the surgeons at UF say his valve must be opened, as soon as possible, to prevent further damage to his heart or death.

 Please help us give Mikee the gift of a normal life. Donate to his life saving surgery or send him an item from his wishlist to help with his wellness and recovery. Thank you in advance for your kind donations.


  • Mike is still holding on for a surgery date. The U of F Small Animal Hospital surgeon wanted to wait another 3 months because they are getting a reading of 67 on their older machine. Mikee has an appointment with his cardiologist in West Palm, Fl on August 28th for an additional scan of his pulmonary pressure, a pressure since two months old, that has been 92 and in critical range.  We are keeping him from over exerting and he is taking atenolol to try and keep his pressure down. If he gets excited or starts to play as puppies do, his gums turn grey white. Mikee really needs prayers while he waits for help from the surgeon. 

    August 17, 2018