Answers to your Questions

What is CUDDLY?

CUDDLY is a for-good company with a mission to save and bring joy to animals everywhere by directly supporting animal-welfare nonprofits and pet parents worldwide. The CUDDLY platform enables animal-welfare organizations to create product registry wishlists and fundraising campaigns, so that donors can give back transparently whether by purchasing products or supporting monetarily. Its donor base is over 200,000 strong and is 100% dedicated to and passionate about animals. Furthermore, CUDDLY also enables pet parents to create gift registries to celebrate their pets' birthdays, adoptions, holidays, and ...just because! 5% of all gift registry purchases go back to the local rescue of the pet parent's choice.

Our team here at CUDDLY is mission-driven, and we believe that animals often "rescue" us. Therefore, our mission is to bring joy to animals and animal lovers everywhere. CUDDLY aims to be the place where animals #getCUDDLY and #gethappy. 


How many pet registries can I have?

You can have one for each pet in your household. Have a yard full? You can create a personalized registry for each and every one of them!

How can I give back to my favorite animal rescue and buy my pet products at the same time?

When creating a pet gift registry, you can select your favorite animal rescue and 5% of every purchase will go back to the organization you choose. Find a new favorite rescue? You can change the rescue you support at anytime in your profile.

When can I expect the items from my registry?

While orders are combined and sent out every five (5) days, because of the specialty nature of some of our products, some may take a little longer reaching you. These items will often indicate their handmade and unique nature in their description.

If you feel there is an issue with your order, please contact hello@CUDDLY.com at anytime.

My order is not quite right. Can I make an exchange or receive a refund?

In general, refunds and exchanges are not available. However, if the order you receive is damaged in some way, please contact hello@CUDDLY.com.


How is CUDDLY different than other fundraising websites?

While CUDDLY functions similarly to other fundraising websites, our platform brings added value to animal welfare nonprofits and animal lovers, alike. On CUDDLY, you have a fundraising team helping you succeed. Each CUDDLY fundraiser comes with a personal fundraising consultant (who, like you, is passionate about animals) to guide you through tried and tested steps to earn the most support for your animals.

Our ultimate goal is to help each of our partner organizations garner more monetary donations, as well as product fulfillment through wishlists, so that more animals can be saved. By using the CUDDLY Wishlist feature, your pets can receive necessary gifts and ease some of the financial strain that comes along with their care.

How do I setup a campaign?

If you don't already have an account, set one up by clicking "Register" in the top right corner of our homepage. Choose the option for "Shelter/Rescues." Once the account is activated, simply click "Add a Pet Campaign" and enter the pet's details. On the bottom of the page, start your CUDDLY fundraising campaign by clicking "Publish Campaign."

Once you publish your campaign, you'll also be prompted to complete your profile. Every complete profile qualifies to be considered for the Weekly Wish position. 

Please feel to reach out by phone at 866-731-4862 or via online chat during normal business hours with any questions. We would be happy to help you get started today!

What is the difference between a fundraiser and a Weekly Wish?

A fundraiser is started by an animal-welfare organization to benefit pet(s) in their care. When a campaign profile is 100% complete, it can become eligible for the Weekly Wish position. The Weekly Wish is a non-profit campaign selected by our team to be given a grant through The poundWISHES Foundation, CUDDLY's nonprofit arm. It is also highlighted on the homepage for one week, as well in our newsletters, social media, and other special marketing efforts.

That being said, even if your campaign is not a Weekly Wish, it will still be promoted within our community.

In order for a fundraiser to become eligible for the Weekly Wish, it must feature video content and be accompanied by a completed CUDDLY account. 

Why are the Weekly Wish campaigns so successful?

The Weekly Wish is promoted via our exclusive marketing channels. Our combination of marketing efforts has proven to increase donations to the featured pet and will increase the overall donor network available to the rescue or shelter partner. 

How soon will I receive my funds?

We understand the urgency that pertains to some medical cases, which is why we strive to send you donations as quickly as possible. You can choose to receive your credit card donations on a weekly basis by signing up for automatic transfers. Additionally, any payments that are processed without a Stripe or PayPal account are generally sent via check twice a month. Unlike other sites, there is no need to close out a fundraiser before you can access your donations which enables you to help your animals sooner. 

Does it cost anything to use CUDDLY?

CUDDLY, LLC takes 0% of total funds raised. However, processing fees of 2.9% + $.30 are deducted from funds raised via PayPal and credit cards to cover transaction costs.

Optional tips (given by donors with their donation) to CUDDLY are used to continually invest in improving your fundraising tools, maintain our customer care team, and support marketing programs to help you grow your donor base. We are the ONLY crowdfunding platform that helps promote and invests in your campaigns after you have created them.

Are my donors and my donor email list kept private?

Yes. Any email address uploaded to your account is kept private and for your sole use. Using our emailing tool is proven to increase your funding by 70%. 


I need to surrender my pet. Can I drop him/her off to you?

While we love animals, we are unable to take in pets as we are not a rescue facility. Instead, please contact your local SPCA for more information. If you need help finding a local rescue to take in your pet, please contact us and we may be able to help you connect with one of our partnering rescues. Once your animal is in the care of a shelter or rescue, we can help the rescue create a fundraising campaign for your pet if it needs medical attention, medication, etc. 

How do I pursue a pet adoption?

Adoption inquiries can be made regarding the adoptable pets on CUDDLY.com by clicking the "Adopt" button on the pet's campaign. Your name will be then added to a waitlist and the rescue or shelter will contact you from there if they believe it is a good fit.

How can I be sure my donation is helping the pet I donate to?

All the organizations featured on CUDDLY are certified 501(c)3 nonprofits. The team at CUDDLY works with all of our rescues intimately, so you can be sure your donation is being used by a trusted group of individuals. After you donate to a pet, you will receive updates on an animal's progress until s/he finds their way into a fur-ever home!

How do I obtain my donation receipt?

A complete list of all receipts can be found by logging into your Donor Profile.

Can my donation be refunded?

In order to support the urgent needs pets on CUDDLY, we send items and funds as quickly as possible to our rescue partners. Because of our accelerated payment system, refunds are not possible through our platform. 

We recommend contacting the animal rescue or individual in order to see how to obtain any necessary refunds. 

How can I become more involved with animal welfare?

First of all, yay! We think you are absolutely amazing for asking this. With so many animals in need, it is important we all take responsibility for making their lives a little brighter. There are no doubt many rescues and shelters in your area that would love help fostering, doing chores around the facility, taking pictures, working on social media, and so many other tasks. Find the name of a local group by clicking here and searching for one in your area. 

Want to join the CUDDLY team as a marketing or outreach ambassador? Email info@cuddly.com to learn more. 

I want to give, but I'm not quite sure what to do. How does 'giving' work on CUDDLY?

That's a great question! There are several ways to give back. Here are four:


You can support any animal directly by going to:

https://cuddly.com/grant-a-poundwish (all animals)


If you want to give ongoing support to the most urgent needs animals, you can join the poundWISHES' Wishpack. You can choose the amount you want to give monthly; most people give between $20-100/mo. All funds from the wishpack are granted directly to urgent needs on a weekly basis through our Weekly Wish program. www.cuddly.com/wishpack


Our wishlist feature is comprised of product registries for animals (it's like a baby registry, but for animals). You can purchase a product on behalf of any animal by checking out our wishlists page featuring all active campaigns with registries attached:



You can start a gift registry for any and all pets in your family. Share your registry with friends and family or purchase products directly! 5% of all purchases from your accounts go back to the rescue of your choice.