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URGENT Surgery for stray dog knife attack

  • Breed: BELDI - mixed Breed street dog stray
  • Name: PHOENIX
  • Color: White
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Young

$455.00 raised of $600.00

URGENT WE NEED YOUR HELP.  WE APOLOGISE FOR THE RAW BUT REAL PHOTOS.  UTTERLY HEARTBREAKING.  The video was taken by the person who found him while we rushed to get there. 

When we got the call yesterday 26/06 we got to this puppy as fast as we could. 

Someone attacked this boy with a knife or other sharp blade!  We still do not know who/how/why but we rushed him to the vet, who managed to save him and he will be staying at the clinic for now.  At the same time, he neutered him, and will vaccinate and treat for all else shortly. 

We have named him PHOENIX- meaning victory of life over death-he has beaten all the odds- just.  

Please help us pay his vet bill for the emergency surgery and his stay for days at the clinic?

He is just a PUP, 9 months old!  We will need to give him alot of love and attention so he can learn to trust humans again. 

Our sanctuary is full, with 500 animals, but we must take him in and hopefully find this pup a sponsor. 

Updates on PHOENIX to follow.  Human cruelty towards animals exists all over the world.  This breaks our hearts.  We hope to find out what happened soon.



**Please keep in mind that adoptions are possible, by contacting**


  • Thank you to all who have donated for PHOENIX so far.  We still have a way to go to reach our GOAL amount.  He stayed at the clinic for 2 weeks after his op, and we need to pay our wonderful vet.

    PHOENIX is doing very well and as you can see from the photo, his wounds have healed beautifully! 

    We have decided to keep him at the SFT Sanctuary and not re-release him to the area where he was rescued in town.  He has joined the SFT family of over 500 rescued animals.  We have next to no means to take on any new animals, but he is a special case. 

    You see his Yellow eartag, which is what we ID all the stray dogs with, which we neuter and vaccinate then re-release.  We will be removing his earring since he is now at his forever loving home, unless someone wants to adopt him?

    Please continue donating for this lovely boy!  Thank you so much!

    July 13, 2018