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Maya: from Fight Ring, then Poisoning Now Cancer!

  • Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Name: Maya
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: Medium
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult

Maya started her life the way no animal ever should -- in a dog fighting ring. She had to endure terrible human exploitation, cruelty, and the abuse. Thankfully, the fighting ring was finally caught and disbanded. Maya was able to be rescued and placed into a loving foster home. She was finally living the life she truly deserved, with love, care, safety, adventure, and fun.

Then, last year, Maya suddenly stopped eating. Her foster immediately took her to the vet where they were shocked to find out that she was in kidney failure. The vet suspected that it was a result of toxic chemical spraying by the city. Maya's chances of recovering from her kidney failure was extremely slim. Nonetheless, she has a strong will to live and she fought as hard as she possibly could. While she was in ICU for weeks, the vet himself would come every night around midnight to walk Maya. With the help of her beloved supporters and her own perseverance, Maya made it through and beat the kidney failure. The vet said, "Maya has dodged a bullet today, amazing!" Onto her wonderful life -- it was still waiting for her.

A year passed, and foster mom, dad, and the simply amazing Maya were on the road, seeking adventure. Then, unexpectedly, foster mom felt a lump the size of a small golf ball on Maya. They soon realized it was on both sides. There was silence as their hearts were slowly shattering into a million pieces. At last, she was finally healthy, and now she had to face another tragedy.

A biopsy was done, and unfortunately, it is lymphatic cancer. Maya is still incredibly young and could have so many wonderful years left to enjoy, so Rescue Teamsters could not throw in the towel now. Maya is currently attending the Pet Cancer Group, Ft Lauderdale location, and is under the care of the most amazing and hopeful staff; they treat her as their own. Like everyone that meets Maya, they adore her. Her love for life is heartwarming and infectious.

We are all on a journey. This is Maya's journey. Join us and help this amazing pup who has overcome such adversity to write her next chapter -- one of hope, love, health, adventures, and squirrels.


  • Maya Update:

    She is taking to the chemo well. They test her vitals (her organs basically) at every chemo treatment. In layman's terms it's on a scale of 1-10. Each of hers are in the upper functioning levels. Sooooo, so far so good. 

    Her beautiful coat is dull and some thinning. Other than that she was pretty good. 2 days have super tired. The prednisone is the hardest. Much urinating and always hungry. So she is grumpy often. But, she will be off that soon.

    We are feeding her protein mainly. As carbs feed cancer. She is eating very well, getting raw unrefined coconut and golden paste daily! If you dont know about golden paste for dogs google it!

    The Pet Cancer group continues to be amazing! They treat her so well and are very concerned for her overall health. Cant recommend them enough! 

    They and WE have the upmost of hope for sweet Maya! Please keep following her progress!!!!! Donate if you can.

    July 12, 2018