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Petey is Hurt and Heartbroken

  • Name: Petey
  • Sex: Male

Our much loved Petey, our neighborhood dog, was hit by a car on Wednesday, July 4th at the very crowded beach parking area in Playa Santa, Guanica, Puerto Rico. He was discovered very bloodied and horribly injured by my neighbor Cita trying to hobble back to my house. She came running and screaming to my house saying Petey had been hurt and was in terrible shape. Cita's friend, Camille and I, promptly got him in a kennel and off we raced to the only emergency clinic in the area where Petey was diagnosed with a cracked mandible and radial nerve damage of his right front leg with lacerations on the lower leg and paw. He had also bit his tongue which accounted for a fair amount of blood. The doctor wired his lower jaw and and he will be on a liquid diet for two months while he heals. 

I've been diluting his meds in about a 1/4 inch of water and using a plunger to administer them as the plastic capsules are too sticky even with a pill plunger to go down comfortably being super cautious of his lower jaw. His leg is in tough shape with the radial nerve damage and will take at least two months to heal before we know if it requires amputation. It is going to be a long and expensive healing process, but Margaret and I are committed to Petey and getting him better. He deserves our love and care.

I'm limiting the amount of injury pictures as they would be too graphic. 

This makes me want go postal as it was a very crowded beach day and someone had to have seen something and even police were outside our gate where Petey had to pass to try and make the long journey of about 300 plus yards back to my house, his safe haven and home. He left a trail of blood the whole way. NO ONE DID A THING! Cita and Camille were the only ones that tried to get help inside our gate. Petey never has bothered anyone here, and if anything, he and Lily were the neighborhood protectors/alarm system. 

Petey is about 11-12 years old and in very good health. I maintain him pretty much 9 months plus out of the year. My snowbird neighbor, Margaret, actually took Petey and his partner Lily in (which we had to put down in April due to cancer throughout her body) when they were about a year old and they share feeding duties over the winter. He is a very gentle dog and can be shy with those he doesn't know, but has never been aggressive or a biter toward humans and avoids fighting with other dogs - very rare. He had his right eye removed a few years ago as he was probably whacked by an iguana tail since he occasionally dines on them. It was bulging and got cloudy. Petey and Lily are neighborhood dogs basically and avid beach goers in Playa Santa. Everyone knows them and most beach goers were kind to indifferent with them and watched them swim and play together. 

Petey is lost without Lily and has had a bad year just depressed from her loss. They were absolutely inseparable and dedicated to each other. In some ways they got me involved in animal rescue and I enjoyed caring for them both and observing their love for each other. They were quite unique and part of our landscape. They sheltered at my house during Hurricane Maria. Right now Petey is resting comfortably in my adjacent studio with fans, plenty of iced water and padded rugs to lay on. I've made him a broth of canned cat food, a bit of canned pumpkin, boiled chicken and Vienna sausages with chicken broth all soupy in the blender, but only takes a few licks. (Maybe he doesn't like my cooking?) He's drinking plenty of water and is peeing, but hasn't defecated yet. My dog Minnie goes in for an occasional visit so he has some company. She squealed when she first saw him and they kissed. Minnie has always loved Petey, but he was always a one woman man. It breaks my heart to see him suffer so. Petey is one of the most gentle and smart dogs I have come across. I can't fathom the cruelty involved to just drive away after causing such horrible, horrible injuries and no one near the scene of the crime on a crowded day stepped up trying to help. Mind blowing and sad. 


  • Our sweet guy, Petey, has been doing well with his laser therapy and he is a star at the vet clinic. Everyone loves him there and says he is one of the best dogs they have treated as he is so easy to work with! It is always so nice to get the warm and enthusiastic greeting I get from Petey.

    I went to visit him again the other day and the vet on duty gave some very encouraging news. He did a simple test on Petey's leg by pinching it in a few places along where the nerves run. Petey responded!! This means there is some regeneration of the the nerve! He did caution me that we're only a bit over a month since the injury, and it is all too early to tell, but promising just the same. This could take up to six months, but we're committed to see this through.

    We discussed continued laser therapy, ways to rebuild his shoulder muscle that has atrophied with some water therapy. We'll take him to the beach for short swims of five to ten minutes to help build that muscle up. Eventually, we will see about putting a brace on the leg that will protect his paw from scraping the ground and give him support. 

    We need help with his boarding and therapy costs and hope that you will help Petey out with a donation. Not every dog gets this type of chance to heal.

    August 08, 2018

  • Petey is improving albeit it slowly at day 13 after the injury and surgery. He has somewhat mastered the art of urinating on three legs and can have balance problems occasionally. His jaw seems better and he is still on a liquid/soft diet that doesn't require any chewing, just lapping. Once in a while he will let out a short yelp even if he isn't moving much and I assume it is coming from his leg. I hope that is a good sign regarding feeling. He'll be on pain medication for about two and a half more weeks. 

    Some days he seems a bit restless and other days he feels lazy and likes to have room service and his meal delivered in bed. Petey's appetite has increased and he has bowls of iced water all around to help him beat the heat while he convalesces with a fan constantly on in his room. He did hobble out to a small patch of my garden and made a bed on my plants, but those plants are replaceable and he isn't. 

    I'm waiting to hear back from the vet if we can start laser therapy for his leg to help stimulate nerve regrowth. The radial nerve grows 1ml a month! - slow growing! If it is a what the vet recommends, we'll go for it and get a package of laser sessions for Petey to help get that leg back in shape and weight bearing. We will have to board him for a month to do so, but it  will be the best way for him to get the concentrated therapy he requires.

    Please help our boy Petey - we couldn't ask for a better and more tolerant dog.


    July 15, 2018